April 2019 – Technology – Rank List

Starting this month. We are pleased to officially announce the introduction of a new fully integrated ranking system which allows us to check stats by overall/estimated visits in order to provide a comprehensive improved experience.

The development of the new system has taken time of careful planning and execution. The new system allows us the ability to display and track visits today,overall visits, unique in and out, and alexa integration. 

The ranking system was developed so that stats, growth and position could be updated real time in our system. We did this in order to obtain real time detailed of a blog/website. We are confident that we will be able to better manage and assist our PH bloggers by tracking detailed stats and information real time. 

With continuous innovation and development, BlogmeterTop PH ranking system is to optimize technology that can support growth and change, effectively enhance the quality of blog sites and provide innovative stats to bloggers. 

We expect that moving to a new ranking system makes and will improve our blog/sites and also provide blogger a greater and new experience. 

We want every blogger to register and use the system. https://blogmeter.top/member/?a=join

http://www.yugatech.com48184NOT YET REGISTERED2
http://www.pinoytechnoguide.com167359NOT YET REGISTERED3
https://gadgetmatch.com/186229NOT YET REGISTERED4
http://unbox.ph193851NOT YET REGISTERED5
http://www.noypigeeks.com214356NOT YET REGISTERED6
http://www.gizguide.com261196NOT YET REGISTERED7
https://www.back2gaming.com/339831NOT YET REGISTERED8
http://www.techpinas.com368622NOT YET REGISTERED9
http://www.efrennolasco.com/393637NOT YET REGISTERED10
http://www.manilashaker.com453656NOT YET REGISTERED11
http://www.pinoytechblog.com653550NOT YET REGISTERED12
https://www.junauza.com/757491NOT YET REGISTERED13
http://www.gadgetpilipinas.net1024137NOT YET REGISTERED14
http://www.technobaboy.com1064898NOT YET REGISTERED15
http://www.teknogadyet.com1139027NOT YET REGISTERED17
https://hungrygeeks.ph/1161416NOT YET REGISTERED18
www.adobotech.net/1250951NOT YET REGISTERED19
www.tjsdaily.com/1408873NOT YET REGISTERED20
https://jamonline.ph/1574566NOT YET REGISTERED21
filipinotechaddict.net/1721850NOT YET REGISTERED22
http://www.techpatrl.com1926708NOT YET REGISTERED23
tipsgeeks.com2314651NOT YET REGISTERED24
https://cebutechblogger.com/2644118NOT YET REGISTERED25
https://www.swirlingovercoffee.com/2739042NOT YET REGISTERED26
https://www.pinoymetrogeek.com/2791077NOT YET REGISTERED27
http://www.ilonggotechblog.com3890180NOT YET REGISTERED28
www.thetechnoclast.com/4128550NOT YET REGISTERED29
http://www.geekypinas.com/4134406NOT YET REGISTERED30
https://dronthego.net/4839797NOT YET REGISTERED31
www.ronnotthedj.com/6761347NOT YET REGISTERED32
http://www.dugompinoy.com6877000NOT YET REGISTERED33
https://www.mobiletechpinoy.com/6911194NOT YET REGISTERED34
http://www.wahpinas.com6976847NOT YET REGISTERED35
https://www.taragis.com/9227602NOT YET REGISTERED36
http://www.elifestylemanila.com9567811NOT YET REGISTERED37
davaogeekhub.com/15455691NOT YET REGISTERED39
http://pinoyscreencast.net18782248NOT YET REGISTERED40
https://www.techathand.net/no dataNOT YET REGISTERED41