Finally, it is now that time of the month where we give you the latest list of the best blogs per category. Below, you will see the top blogs in the Philippines under the category Food and Beverages. The blogs grouped under this category provide various contents. They may be regarding the must-try recipes, the cheap, classy, and fine restaurants in the Philippines or in your area, must try drinks, food and the like. Visiting them daily would be a delight to your eyes which will leave you to have the featured drink or food in your next meal. Hence, we are no longer surprised why a lot of the blogs below fared well for the past 30 days since all the online readers are inherently food lovers, aren’t we?

Well wait not, for the top 20 food blogs of the Philippines for the Month of August may be found below. Don’t forget to share their site and always remember that your visit to these blogs, counts!

1 & Beverage34641,917
2http://www.pinoyrecipe.netFood & Beverage40158,000
3 & Beverage59283,558
4 & Beverage1,524172,676
5 & Beverage1497173,956
6 & Beverage5,307186,327
7 & Beverage1,178222,670
8 & Beverage4,871292,737
9 & Beverage13,492413,413
10 & Beverage8,889465,962
11 & Beverage2,026502,257
12 & Beverage4,248533,817
13 & Beverage5,408674,743
14 & Beverage13,502808,072
15 & Beverage6,827834,898
16 & Beverage11,319876,760
17 & BeverageNo PH Data999,000
18 & BeverageNo PH Data1,015,365
19 & Beverage15,6491,317,474
20 & BeverageNo PH Data1,456,018