In this modern day where a lot of events happen almost at the same time, it is a relief that we get to know about these occurrences instantaneously. The impact of the internet and the inclusion of more citizens to act as modern journalists enable stories to go across the world which expanded the exchange of information.  News are no longer concentrated to big news organisations for the rising blog-journalists also serve as our credible source of the latest happening ad issue in the country and the world. That’s why, it is imperative for us in the Blogmeter team to examine the preference of pinoy internet users when it comes to accessing sites for their news and current affairs. We look in to stable criteria such as the social media shares a site or a post generates, and the counts of visits they get for the past 30 days. All of this information are consolidated and compared among other blogs situated under the same category; this is how we determined the best 20 blogs by worth in the Philippines.

We congratulate The Dailypedia for being the top news blog of the Month! For the other sites who made it to the Top 20 cut, you may check them here:

1 & Media47348,026
2 & Media62053,134
3 & Media47580,954
4 & Media58392,009
5 & Media1243132,318 – NEWNews & Media1058133,612
7 & Media7737274,147
8 & Media4131335,746
9 & Media7020581,588
10http://launchverbatim.weebly.comNews & MediaNo PH Data700,212
11 & MediaNo PH Data821,205
12 & Media9332915,395
13 & MediaNo PH Data965,482
14 & Media108951,016,647
15 & MediaNo PH Data1,096,667
16 & Media127811,177,138
17 & Media119881,191,248
18 & Media76911,403,528
19 & MediaNo PH Data1,648,133
20 & MediaNo PH Data1,882,260