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1 & Leisure68391,539
2 & Leisure604101,655
3 & Leisure1124105,675
4 & Leisure1001126,180
5 & Leisure2,151253,956
6 & Leisure3330278,137
7 & Leisure2504345384
8 & Leisure5044350,274
9 & Leisure4624362,562
10 & Leisure8351565,931
11 & Leisure6148567,409
12 & Leisure13701724768
13 & Leisure12200757,354
14 & Leisure14825778,068
15 & LeisureNo PH Data857,809
16 & LeisureNo PH Data885,870
17 & Leisure9965980404
18 & LeisureNo PH Data992,234
19 & LeisureNo PH Data1,319,563
20 – NEWTravel & LeisureNo PH Data1,575,255