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December 2015 – Business and Finance

We are about to end 2015, but before that, we are excited to give you the best blogs under the finance category.

For sure, one of your new year’s resolutions would be to be smarter in handling your money. You may or may not be successful in meeting your financial goal this year but we assure you that the coming year would be different. Because, this year, you will get help from the top finance blogs in the country! All of the blogs that made in the list will teach you not only how to save money but as well as to spend smart, when you need to.

They have consistently received a great number of following from online readers for the past thirty days. The ranking is determined using website media metric system like daily recorded traffic. The data recorded for the past thirty days are then consolidated and compared.

The Blogmeter list provides you twenty blogs that are updated regularly which never failed in educating us with respect to financial literacy. Check them below:

1 & Finance95,889803
2 & Finance166,9031,430
3 & Finance170,3302,145
4 & Finance347,6552,962
5http://tycoon.phBusiness & Finance425,5353,295
6 & Finance237,5323,437
7http://www.pinoybisnes.comBusiness & Finance248,9173,630
8http://www.melvinblog.comBusiness & Finance334,5684,001
9 & Finance287,0664,363
10 & Finance846,8488,172
11 & Finance868,78320,748

November 2015 – Business and Finance

We know it is quite stressful to go on different finance blogs just to find the right one. Fret not for we in the Blogmeter team made the perfect ranking for you.

We’ve determined the best performing 20 finance themed blog sites for the month of November that offered the most useful financial advice, best insight into the state of the economy or were just extremely fun. The incredible service they give along with the huge traffic they get on the World Wide Web have been consistent for the past couple of days so it does not come  as a surprise that they have consistently made it to the rank. The placement in Blogmeter is an evidence of the great work they have done in simplifying financial issues and approaches which helped thousands of readers all across the world. Finance blogs are jam-packed with advice on how you can live your life more cheaply and intelligently. Their contents range from the current financial news to useful tips in how to go around budgeting your cash.

So which Finance blogs should you be reading on a regular basis? Blogmeter has laid out the top 20 financial bloggers in the Philippines. The top 20 blogs were determined using a website media metrics. For the latest rankings, here it goes:

1 & Finance106,726795
2 & Finance145,860985
3http://www.melvinblog.comBusiness & Finance294,1541,923
4 & Finance163,7392,296
5 & Finance242,4302,489
6 & Finance429,9593,270
7 & Finance237,5323,437
8http://www.pinoybisnes.comBusiness & Finance202,8793,939
9http://tycoon.phBusiness & Finance393,1195,929
10 & Finance1,209,68610,618
11 & Finance671,40015,707

October 2015 – Business and Finance

The best 20 blogs under the Finance category this month are based on the social media score and internet visits that each blog get for the past couple of months. This month, however, all the blogs that qualify to the ranking must have a Ph data under Alexa Ranking. This month, and the coming ones, the Blogmeter team would use the alexa ranking as one of the factors for measuring the performance of each blog.

The blogs under this category provide reliable and easy to comprehend information in relation to all the latest financial news, trend, issue occur in the global and local markets. The rank simply implies that they have consistently given great service in financial awareness and literacy.

We congratulare Foreclosure Philippines for being the best blog by worth for Finance this month of October! To the rest who qualified, check them below:

1 & Finance109,106910
2 & Finance119,9101,165
3 & Finance164,9101,580
4 & Finance218,5911,764
5http://www.pinoybisnes.comBusiness & Finance192,5972,548
6 & Finance244,6702,863
7http://www.melvinblog.comBusiness & Finance422,9032,886
8 & Finance855,4608,285
9http://tycoon.phBusiness & Finance429,9309,358
10 & Finance1,314,90413,623
11 & Finance591,62415,707

September 2015 – Business and Finance

Overwhelmed with the number of blogs that are supposed to help you handle your money? We’ve made the perfect list for you.

There are mushrooming numbers of Finance related blogs these days. But that doesn’t mean they are not as likely to give reliable information, good market tip and insight as to the financial state of industries or markets.

Blogmeter has filtered through all those sites available online and focus on finance blogs that really help readers in their financial literacy. The ranking is determined using website media metric system like daily recorded traffic. The data recorded for the past thirty days are then consolidated and compared.

The top 20 blogs are the growing authority in educating readers on how to handle their respective financial issues.For the complete list this month, check the rank below:

1 & Finance109,313876
2 & Finance10,818977
3 & Finance174,1671,712
4http://www.melvinblog.comBusiness & Finance473,4322,456
5 & Finance211,9532,524
6http://www.pinoybisnes.comBusiness & Finance194,0002,614
7 & Finance223,8633,169
8http://tycoon.phBusiness & Finance487,1223,212
9 & Finance336,5558,078
10http://mukhangpera.comBusiness & Finance926,0539,408
11http://franchisemanila.comBusiness & Finance517,1149,782
12 & Finance619,19411,604
13 & Finance1,070,44018,949

August 2015 – Business and Finance

We have calculated the top 20 blogs in the Finance category. The support they get and the massive online following have been overwhelmingly consistent for the past few months since we started tabulating their performance in the blogging community.  For the past 30 days, we’ve analysed how their contents and articles are being shared online and how their respective sites are visited by online readers. Just like last month’s ranking, defended its first spot among the sea of finance blogs in the Philippines. It was followed by,,, and businesstips.oh in the top 5 best finance blogs by worth.

These blogs provide reliable and easy to digest information regarding all the latest financial news, trend, issue that simultaneously happen in the global and local markets. The ranking is a proof of the great service they provide in financial literacy to all of us who need to be educated that’s why we are happy in the Blogmeter team to announce the best 20 Finance Blogs for this month of September.  The 20 best finance blogs by worth may be found below:

1 & Finance545105,202
2 & Finance633108,186
3 & Finance1687171,913
4 & Finance2460184,296
5 & Finance1723211,080
6 & Finance2101212,490
7 & Finance6,099477,136
8 & Finance6265610,516
9 & FinanceNo PH Data648,239
10 & Finance8,913684,799
11 & Finance15,428716,672
12 -NEWBusiness & Finance19,153912,839
13 & FinanceNo PH Data946,501
14 & Finance6,8031,095,306
15  – NEWBusiness & Finance16,5971,223,206
16 & Finance19,2281,476,552
17 & FinanceNo PH Data1,568,458
18 & Finance21,3962,105,338
19 & FinanceNo PH Data2,753,000
20 – NEWBusiness & FinanceNo PH Data6,175,813

July 2015 – Business and Finance

The Finance blogs who provide us comprehensive and easy to digest discussion of the financial trends, issues, and news that are happening in the local and global financial milieu were ranked based on the internet hits they got for the past thirty one days. This ranking is an indication of the great number of followers and readers they have every day and also serves as a proof that they provide credible and reliable financial related contents.

We observed few changes in the ranking; Last month’s top 1 finance blog is down to the 2nd spot; pinoymoneytalk is superseded by Based on the new ranking, it is also notable that there are a number of sites who climbed higher in the ranking as compared to their previous standing. They are,,,, mutualfund and a new blog who made it in the month of July,! The blogmeter team congratulates the following bogs who are the best finance blogs by worth for the month of July:

1 & Finance617109,117
2 & Finance832117,856
3 & Finance1267161,206
4 & Finance1785166,841
5 & Finance2475188,512
6 & Finance1431223,180
7 & Finance2083232,173
8 & Finance3,416569,642
9 & Finance5,620633,299
10 & Finance15,965775,491
11 & Finance10665788,053
12 & Finance8,147821,417
13 & FinanceNo PH Data830,837
14 & Finance11,8601,022,372
15 & FinanceNo PH Data1,196,011
16 & Finance17,1911,563,587
17 & FinanceNo PH Data1,993,906
18 & FinanceNo PH Data2,089,168
19 & FinanceNo PH Data2,512,243
20 & FinanceNo PH Data3,012,504

June 2015 – Business and Finance

The best of the Month of June is here! The list below provides the top ranking financial blog sites that made it to thousands of online users’ browsers. The result is a manifestation of the overwhelming number of followers they have this month. This is not surprising at all, if you check each blog, you will notice that they regularly provide important information, relevant data, direct you in to working and related links as well as discussion over the financial trends, issues and news may it be locally or globally.

The writers and content providers of these blogs also achieved a great level of financial literacy as well as credibility as source for idea and opinion that are needed by online readers in their respective financial behaviours and decisions. Check the best blogs in finance for the month of June and don’t forget to share them!


Alexa PH Ranking
Global Ranking
1 Business & Finance 862 111,586
2 Business & Finance 600 115,654
3 Business & Finance 1602 167,400
4 Business & Finance 1744 175,447
5 Business & Finance 1207 199,170
6 Business & Finance 2198 212,452
7 Business & Finance 3843 302,183
8 Business & Finance No Data 748,871
9 Business & Finance 11415 754,655
10 Business & Finance 6,592 853,903
11 Business & Finance 5,910 878,788
12 Business & Finance No Data 972,978
13 Business & Finance No Data 1,031,460
14 Business & Finance No Data 1,196,011
15 Business & Finance No Data 1,330,123
16 Business & Finance No Data 1,357,306
17 Business & Finance No Data 2,089,168
18 Business & Finance No Data 2,338,418
19 Business & Finance No Data 3,107,475
20 – NEW Business & Finance No Data 6,306,715