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June 2019 – Fashion and Beauty

http://www.theprojectawesome.blogspot.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND911608319
http://www.princessperalta.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND988990120 STAT LINK CODE FOUND1371147521
http://www.michellechernandez.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND-22
https://www.allaroundmoms.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND-23
http://www.gelleesh.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND-24
http://www.nicolesanmiguel.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND-25
https://sparksofjoyce.blogspot.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND-26 STAT LINK CODE FOUND-27

May 2019 – Fashion and Beauty

14https://www.allaroundmoms.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND1521344
15http://www.thebaginvestigator.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND2352153
16http://www.nicolesanmiguel.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND7074597
18http://www.gelleesh.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND8124709
19http://www.princessperalta.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND10976162
23http://www.michellechernandez.comNO STAT LINK CODE FOUND-

April 2019 – Fashion and Beauty

Starting this coming May. We are pleased to officially announce the introduction of a new fully integrated ranking system which allows us to check stats by overall/estimated visits in order to provide a comprehensive improved experience. 

The development of the new system has taken time of careful planning and execution. The new system allows us the ability to display and track visits today,overall visits, unique in and out, and alexa integration. 

The ranking system was developed so that stats, growth and position could be updated real time in our system. We did this in order to obtain real time detailed of a blog/website. We are confident that we will be able to better manage and assist our PH bloggers by tracking detailed stats and information real time. 

With continuous innovation and development, BlogmeterTop PH ranking system is to optimize technology that can support growth and change, effectively enhance the quality of blog sites and provide innovative stats to bloggers. 

We expect that moving to a new ranking system makes and will improve our blog/sites and also provide blogger a greater and new experience. 

We want every blogger to register and use the system.

http://www.kathrivera.com383104NOT YET REGISTERED6
http://www.projectvanity.com410539NOT YET REGISTERED7
http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com681567NOT YET REGISTERED8
http://www.manilaonsale.com824870NOT YET REGISTERED9 YET REGISTERED10
http://www.manilashopper.com1405861NOT YET REGISTERED11 YET REGISTERED12
http://www.earthlingorgeous.com2206796NOT YET REGISTERED13
http://www.askmewhats.com2347688NOT YET REGISTERED14
http://www.breakmystyle.com4124483NOT YET REGISTERED16 YET REGISTERED17
http://www.vernverniece.com5260011NOT YET REGISTERED18
mommyladyblogs.com5627365NOT YET REGISTERED19 YET REGISTERED20
http://www.mylucidintervals.com7868476NOT YET REGISTERED21
http://www.jajaramirez.com14508501NOT YET REGISTERED22,603,16123 YET REGISTERED24
http://www.thebaginvestigator.comno dataNOT YET REGISTERED25

March 2019 – Fashion and Beauty

The following are the best beauty blogs in the Philippines for the past 30 days. Though the ranking isn’t based on the contents they produced, we put our credibility in the line when we say that the fact they made it to the list, they produce contents worthy of your time.

1http://www.projectvanity.com198.57K337,612Decreased by 24.83%
2,977Increased by 18.15% - Prev #3
3http://www.kathrivera.com61.06K902,531Decreased by 28.07% - Prev #2
4http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com58.64K887,944Increased by 12.62%
5,157,105Decreased by 16.46%
6http://www.thebaginvestigator.com4.65K4,015,289Decreased by 20.14%
7http://www.manilashopper.comno data to show957,743-
8http://www.manilaonsale.comno data to show998,836-
9 data to show1,074,517-
10http://www.askmewhats.comno data to show2,591,620-
11 data to show3,256,048+Previously at #12
12http://www.mylucidintervals.comno data to show4,902,804+Previously at #17
13 data to show5,342,083-
14 data to show5,421,262Previously #18
15http://www.breakmystyle.comno data to show6,551,530+Previously at #11
16http://www.earthlingorgeous.comno data to show6,868,226-
17mommyladyblogs.comno data to show6,999,381Previously at #14
18http://www.vernverniece.comno data to show7,254,363+Previously at #15
19https://www.thedanicadelossantos.comno data to show15,072,045NEW
20http://www.jajaramirez.comno data to show32,330,170Previously at #18

February 2019 – Fashion and Beauty

We congratulate for being the best beauty blog for the month of February! You may check the other sites who made it to the best below:

The following are the best beauty blogs in the Philippines for the past 30 days. They are the top blogs who got higher traffic and social media shares among the sea of beauty bloggers. Though the ranking isn’t based on the contents they produced, we put our credibility in the line when we say that the fact they made it to the list, they produce contents worthy of your time.

1http://www.projectvanity.com264.15K273,342Increased by 57.28%
2http://www.kathrivera.com84.89K752,097Decreased by 73.59%
3,822Decreased by 49.82%
4http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com52.06K1,016,828Decreased by 14.51%
5,055,710Increased by 19.42%
6http://www.thebaginvestigator.com5.82K8,223,620Decreased by 13.55%
7http://www.manilashopper.comno data to show818,181Previously at #5
8http://www.manilaonsale.comno data to show1,031,222Previously at #6
9 data to show1,164,392-
10http://www.askmewhats.comno data to show2,295,364-
11http://www.breakmystyle.comno data to show3,060,653+Previously at #12
12 data to show4,050,150+Previously at #15
13 data to show4,640,133NEW
14mommyladyblogs.comno data to show4,852,590Previously at #11
15http://www.vernverniece.comno data to show6,127,662+Previously at #16
16http://www.earthlingorgeous.comno data to show6,526,164Previously at #14
17http://www.mylucidintervals.comno data to show8,324,153-
18 data to show12,008,273-
19http://www.jajaramirez.comno data to show29,225,808Previously at #13

January 2019 – Fashion and Beauty – Rank List

A famous song once lyricize that you are beautiful no matter what they say. Well we partially disagree. You can be beautiful but that is only contingent upon you learning how to be one. Worry not for hundreds of legitimate beauty bloggers are there online. All you need to do is find the credible and fun bloggers that will guide you towards the beautiful and gorgeous YOU.

1http://www.kathrivera.com321.4K295,543Increased by 392.5%
2http://www.projectvanity.com167.95K382,394Increased by 2.01%
3,774Increased by 71.09%
4http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com60.9K873,989Decreased by 6.36%
5http://www.manilashopper.com51.17K681,008Increased by 1.01%
6http://www.manilaonsale.com51.07K745,579Decreased by 7.77%
7http://www.thebaginvestigator.com6.7K2,817,086Increased by 11.76%
8 data to show1,564,072-
9 data to show1,748,896-
10http://www.askmewhats.comno data to show1,799,350-
11mommyladyblogs.comno data to show4,505,214-
12http://www.breakmystyle.comno data to show4,676,387-
13http://www.jajaramirez.comno data to show4,837,242-
14http://www.earthlingorgeous.comno data to show5,126,127-
15 data to show5,444,058-
16http://www.vernverniece.comno data to show7,778,530-
17http://www.mylucidintervals.comno data to show9,055,923-
18 data to show11,666,904-

January 2016 – Fashion and Beauty

Personal fashion or beauty bloggers, over the past decade, became a strong influence to thousands of people when it comes to their own fashion styles. Whether it’s a simple tutorial to how to glam yourself or comprehensive discussion to do’s and don’ts in styling, the best Beauty blogs in the Philippines got those stuff covered.

Many people seek for help from beauty blogger and experts whenever they purchase the best make-up product, shade of lipstick, the perfect fit and cut for a dress, and many more! Fashion blogs have been our consistent heroes in all the fashion related dilemmas we have surpassed and about to face. Thank you beauty aficionados, or also known as, heroes, for creating these best 20 blogs to help all women, and gentlemen to be the most beautiful versions of their selves.

The following are the best beauty blogs in the Philippines for the past 30 days. They are the top blogs who got higher traffic and social media shares among the sea of beauty bloggers.

1http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty102,972683
2http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty150,015983
3http://www.manilashopper.comFashion & Beauty236,2071,785
4http://animetric.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty220,1841,846
5http://www.manilaonsale.comFashion & Beauty311,6092,375
6 & Beauty365,9432,385
7http://www.thebaginvestigator.comFashion & Beauty329,5222,758
8http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty248,5932,837
9http://www.projectvanity.comFashion & Beauty342,8143,679
10http://www.askmewhats.comFashion & Beauty509,5364,393
11 & Beauty538,0627,267
12http://www.vernverniece.comFashion & Beauty883,1489,313
13http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty394,9969,630
14http://www.mylucidintervals.comFashion & Beauty861,26910,077
15http://www.jajaramirez.comFashion & Beauty586,70910,216
16 & Beauty398,64911,468
17http://ladymotherhoodjourney.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty661,03312,896
18 & Beauty721,59713,273
19http://www.breakmystyle.comFashion & Beauty695,88217,243

December 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

Beauty/fashion blog are fun and exciting. Their topics are constantly changing; it can still offer plenty of rewards, such as being connected to a dynamic industry in the world of fashion and beauty which you can apply to your day to day life.

Some fashion bloggers earn in maintaining beauty and fashion blogs. That’s the reason why they are incentivized to give you relevant and updated beauty related contents. Some of them hook-up with fashion companies, connected with best local and international beauty brands, or usually invited to a lot of fashion shows and events.  Undeniably, they are exposed to the latest fashion/beauty trends in the country and the world.

They are the authority in providing the latest ins and outs of styling, colour matching, beauty tips and many more. These passionate beauty aficionados provide their readers all the things they need to know about their hair, makeup, skincare, nails and outfit. To know more about them, check the top 20 beauty and fashion blogs for the month of December below:

1http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty135,424739
2http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty100,573829
3http://animetric.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty198,0841,160
4http://www.manilashopper.comFashion & Beauty235,2791,425
5http://www.manilaonsale.comFashion & Beauty329,6391,559
6http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty194,5962,110
7http://www.thebaginvestigator.comFashion & Beauty342,7712,761
8http://www.projectvanity.comFashion & Beauty306,5272,850
9http://www.kikaysikat.comFashion & Beauty352,5023,247
10http://www.jajaramirez.comFashion & Beauty586,2183,261
11 & Beauty508,2403,834
12http://ladymotherhoodjourney.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty757,2233,944
13http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty180,9204,639
14http://www.shensaddiction.comFashion & Beauty557,1375,533
15http://www.kryzuy.comFashion & Beauty316,6946,906
16http://www.themistymom.comFashion & Beauty535,5717,267
17 & Beauty883,14810,356
18http://www.mylucidintervals.comFashion & Beauty579,17812,183
19http://www.breakmystyle.comFashion & Beauty606,81515,335

November 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

Thank God a lot of Beauty aficionados are now creating their own blogs to help women, and gentlemen to be the most beautiful versions of their selves. Beauty is not only for the eyes. Studies prove that the way we present our self and our appearance play a great role in our confidence and how people deal with us. That’s why it is not a sin to be concerned about our look especially in the present time where rigorously curated blogs are already available.

Personal fashion or beauty bloggers, over the past decade, became a strong influence to thousands of people when it comes to their own fashion styles. They’re the legit authority in providing the most recent ins and outs of styling, color matching, beauty tips, do’s and don’ts and other unspoken fashion rules.  Many people seek for their advice or input whenever they purchase the best make-up product, shade of lipstick, the perfect fit and cut for a dress, and many more! Fashion blogs have been our consistent heroes in all the fashion dilemmas we have faced.

To continue our monthly tradition, we present to you the most influential and famous personal beauty blogs within the Philippines:

1http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty92,188941
2http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty129,267954
3http://animetric.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty175,9911,228
4http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty156,3241,622
5http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty154,5351,978
6 & Beauty261,5282,317
7http://www.kikaysikat.comFashion & Beauty365,8893,184
8http://www.kryzuy.comFashion & Beauty290,0443,257
9http://www.manilaonsale.comFashion & Beauty333,6464,060
10http://www.projectvanity.comFashion & Beauty318,3054,885
11http://www.breakmystyle.comFashion & Beauty546,7095,137
12http://ladymotherhoodjourney.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty1,506,2045,786
13http://itscamilleco.comFashion & Beauty302,8196,023
14http://www.lhyziebongon.comFashion & Beauty294,0757,301
15http://www.mylucidintervals.comFashion & Beauty568,5157,565
16 & Beauty664,8018,285
17 & Beauty559,3228,677
18http://www.emoteragoddess.comFashion & Beauty508,7068,953
19http://www.themistymom.comFashion & Beauty548,70510,596
20http://www.vernverniece.comFashion & Beauty924,00017,949

October 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

We know you’ve been dying to know what are the best beauty blogs in the Philippines; of course, who wouldn’t want to check the best tips and do’s and don’ts when it comes to picking the best make-up, lipstick, the trending style, and the kind of outfit to sport in different events. The ranking given to you by Blogmeter provides the best blogs who have established theirselves to be the authority to satisfy your desires and needs.

This month, the Beauty Junkee successfully defended their spot as the best beauty blog in the Philippines. Joining them in the ranking of the best blogs by worth for beauty blogs may be found below. This month, aside from our independent tabulation and analysis of their internet hits recorded for the past thirty days, we have also considered the data given by Alexa PH. The following blogs which qualified to the top 20 blogs are the following:

1http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty183,585489
2http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty119,408694
3http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty85,893863
4http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty127,4541,304
5http://animetric.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty148,1191,367
6 & Beauty261,4152,451
7http://www.projectvanity.comFashion & Beauty344,6842,523
8http://www.lhyziebongon.comFashion & Beauty226,2182,883
9http://www.kryzuy.comFashion & Beauty308,8703,349
10http://www.kikaysikat.comFashion & Beauty362,9273,606
11http://www.manilaonsale.comFashion & Beauty294,0193,787
12http://www.emoteragoddess.comFashion & Beauty396,3924,508
13 & Beauty603,0344,664
14http://www.mylucidintervals.comFashion & Beauty554,9886,840
15http://www.askmewhats.comFashion & Beauty553,2907,582
16http://www.vernverniece.comFashion & Beauty895,4739,532
17http://www.themistymom.comFashion & Beauty499,74910,265
18http://www.breakmystyle.comFashion & Beauty532,08810,292
19http://itscamilleco.comFashion & Beauty340,36015,585