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October 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

We know you’ve been dying to know what are the best beauty blogs in the Philippines; of course, who wouldn’t want to check the best tips and do’s and don’ts when it comes to picking the best make-up, lipstick, the trending style, and the kind of outfit to sport in different events. The ranking given to you by Blogmeter provides the best blogs who have established theirselves to be the authority to satisfy your desires and needs.

This month, the Beauty Junkee successfully defended their spot as the best beauty blog in the Philippines. Joining them in the ranking of the best blogs by worth for beauty blogs may be found below. This month, aside from our independent tabulation and analysis of their internet hits recorded for the past thirty days, we have also considered the data given by Alexa PH. The following blogs which qualified to the top 20 blogs are the following:

1http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty183,585489
2http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty119,408694
3http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty85,893863
4http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty127,4541,304
5http://animetric.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty148,1191,367
6 & Beauty261,4152,451
7http://www.projectvanity.comFashion & Beauty344,6842,523
8http://www.lhyziebongon.comFashion & Beauty226,2182,883
9http://www.kryzuy.comFashion & Beauty308,8703,349
10http://www.kikaysikat.comFashion & Beauty362,9273,606
11http://www.manilaonsale.comFashion & Beauty294,0193,787
12http://www.emoteragoddess.comFashion & Beauty396,3924,508
13 & Beauty603,0344,664
14http://www.mylucidintervals.comFashion & Beauty554,9886,840
15http://www.askmewhats.comFashion & Beauty553,2907,582
16http://www.vernverniece.comFashion & Beauty895,4739,532
17http://www.themistymom.comFashion & Beauty499,74910,265
18http://www.breakmystyle.comFashion & Beauty532,08810,292
19http://itscamilleco.comFashion & Beauty340,36015,585

September 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

Personal style or beauty bloggers, over the past decade, have become a real force in the fashion industry. They are the authority in providing the latest ins and outs of styling, colour matching, beauty tips and many more. Whether you need to know the perfect shade of lipsticks for your next online purchase or in need of an in-depth review of the latest craze in make-up, fashion trend and the like, many girls and sometimes, boys, have turned to some of the best beauty blogs at one point or another for their fashion dilemmas. 

These passionate beauty aficionados are to the rescue through their carefully curated blogs which never fail to provide their readers all the things they need to know about their hair, makeup, skincare, nails and outfit. To continue our monthly tradition, we are now giving you this month’s ranking of the most widely accessed personal beauty blogs in the Philippines.

1http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty122,319701
2http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty83,780739
3 & Beauty139,377825
4http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty119,029939
5http://www.manilashopper.comFashion & Beauty252,0521,868
6http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty464,5461,878
7 & Beauty269,0961,973
8 & Beauty221,3702,526
9 & Beauty447,9274,418
10 & Beauty336,1894,638
11 & Beauty364,4454,977
12 & Beauty502,1996427
13http://www.kryzuy.comFashion & Beauty256,2776,579
14 & Beauty754,1746,694
15 & Beauty347,8308,260
16 & Beauty329,29410200
17 & Beauty740,78210,643
18 & Beauty475,22311,281
19 & Beauty1,034,73012,130
20 & Beauty614,17312,230

August 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

Want to know the latest fashion style from your favourite celebrities? Or you simply want to achieve that great look? Whether it’s a simple tutorial to how to glam yourself or comprehensive discussion to do’s and don’ts in styling, the best Beauty blogs in the Philippines got those stuff covered. You no longer need to search and find the perfect blog site for your beauty needs and demand because we assure you that the list we have is more than enough to satisfy your desires.

The following are the best beauty blogs in the Philippines for the past 30 days. They are the top blogs who got higher traffic and social media shares among the sea of beauty bloggers. Though the ranking isn’t based on the contents they produced, we put our credibility in the line when we say that the fact they made it to the list, they produce contents worthy of your time.

We congratulate for being the best beauty blog for the month of August! You may check the other sites who made it to the best 20 below:

1 & Beauty694117,513
2 & Beauty671131,162
3 & Beauty1053142,614
4 & Beauty1217236,631
5 & Beauty2366271,442
6 & Beauty3152272,262
7 & Beauty2397276,563
8 & Beauty5987300,988
9 & Beauty5,381308,649
10 & Beauty10762311,670
11 & Beauty9366445,335
12 & Beauty5771463,712 – NEWFashion & Beauty11,014482,986
14 & Beauty6523491,219
15 – NEWFashion & Beauty3,290564,479
16 & Beauty10,519582,333
17 – NEWFashion & Beauty16,738595,033
18 & Beauty6834710,054
19 & Beauty10,055986,956
20http://franchescayambao.wordpress.comFashion & Beauty9,5671,183,677

July 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

We are now ready to present to you the best beauty blogs by worth that made it to this month’s top 20 ranking. As usual, these blogs made it to the list because of their established reputation in providing us basic to sophisticated tips in make-up, hair style, fashion, and the like. These reliable resources coupled with the massive support and following by online readers allowed these blogs to score higher and made it in the blog meter ranking. is now the best beauty blog in the Philippines for the month of July from being ranked second last month. It superseded which is now ranked at number two. Like the, few of our resident beauty blogs improved in their ranking. Few of them are which climbed three slots higher from being previously ranked as number six,, and few others which you may check in the ranking below:

1 & Beauty783124,648
2 & Beauty962135,604
3 & Beauty966200,313
4 & Beauty2366253,995
5 & Beauty2634255,388
6 & Beauty2744259,637
7 & Beauty2,910295,186
8 & Beauty5476299,691
9 & Beauty2549299,985
10 & Beauty7971322,919
11 & Beauty4201428,520
12 & Beauty7339488,547
13 & Beauty3940518,875
14 & BeautyNo PH Data663,891
15 & Beauty9413794,005
16 & BeautyNo PH Data1,011,253
17 & Beauty11,5711,060,795
18http://lilmisswonderwoman.comFashion & BeautyNo PH Data1,585,028
19 – NEWFashion & BeautyNo PH Data2,000,727
20 & BeautyNo PH Data2,523,745

June 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

A famous song once lyricize that you are beautiful no matter what they say. Well we partially disagree. You can be beautiful but that is only contingent upon you learning how to be one. Worry not for hundreds of legitimate beauty bloggers are there online. All you need to do is find the credible and fun bloggers that will guide you towards the beautiful and gorgeous YOU.

You might want to check the top ranking beauty bloggers for the Month of June.  Blogmeter provides the monthly ranking of best blogs in the country. This month, for the Fashion and Beauty category, we provide you the 20 of the best fashion and beauty authorities in the net! The fashion and beauty blogs that made in the list have gained their reputation and massive following through the years. Online users followed their advices and tips and we are pretty sure that it worked well for them. So what are you waiting for? Check the best know-it-all fahion and beauty blogs below and don’t forget to share this article and their sites!


Alexa PH Ranking
Global Ranking
1 Fashion & Beauty 664 113,240
2 Fashion & Beauty 650 118,699
3 – NEW Fashion & Beauty 5470 159,899
4 Fashion & Beauty 2116 252,020
5 Fashion & Beauty 2150 264,433
6 Fashion & Beauty 2205 267,075
7 Fashion & Beauty 1,821 295,301
8 Fashion & Beauty 7121 309,530
9 Fashion & Beauty 1831 333,948
10 Fashion & Beauty 5148 430,902
11 Fashion & Beauty 5748 468,977
12 Fashion & Beauty 10670 470,739
13 Fashion & Beauty 6819 529,187
14 Fashion & Beauty 4956 583,132
15 Fashion & Beauty 9339 785,641
16 – NEW Fashion & Beauty No Data 1,113,696
17 Fashion & Beauty No Data 1,176,938
18 – NEW Fashion & Beauty 17943 1,890,376
19 – NEW Fashion & Beauty No Data 2,139,636
20 – NEW Fashion & Beauty No Data 2,158,662