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June 2015 – Personal

We in the Blogmeter team are thrilled and proud to announce the ranking of the best blogs under the category of Personal blogs. These top 20 personal blogs have touched many pinoy readers with their entertaining, inspiring and educational posts that range from anecdotes, reflection, daily diary, confessions and the like. These blogs feature almost anything under the sun with touch of light and beautiful style of writing.

We determined the ranking based on social media shares each personal blogs get, the daily traffic recorded, as well as bookmark score from fans and readers. The tabulation made by the Blogmeter team is credible and free from fraud and biases. As a matter of fact, we recommend you to back read all their posts or visit them regularly to see what we mean by “best blogs by worth”. Thousands already love them and we will not be surprised if you will love them too since browsing all these top personal blogs will be worth your time.


Alexa PH Ranking
Global Ranking
1 Personal 114 18,997
2 Personal 1576 209,664
3 – NEW Personal 2,984 238,788
4 Personal 1700 253,102
5 – NEW Personal 3590 260,990
6 Personal 3,773 266,296
7 – NEW Personal 808 297,984
8 Personal 1641 314,178
9 Personal 4117 356,413
10 – NEW Personal 2834 406,253
11 – NEW Personal 4394 436,399
12 – NEW Personal 4877 571,124
13 Personal No Data 592,584
14 Personal 6163 619,848
15 – NEW Personal 9039 676,154
16 – NEW Personal 8517 735,747
17 Personal 10,511 754,740
18 Personal 14222 852,997
19 Personal No Data 1,248,144
20 – NEW Personal 15720 1,832,361

September 2015 – Personal

Personal blogs are known for their honesty and candidness. Personal bloggers share stories, opinion, anecdotes and all those worthy experiences which entertain readers and in some cases, teach and inspire. Thousands of online readers are now hooked to this kind of blog. They religiously visit these blogs for new update, discussion, and simply because they could relate to what the bloggers feel and experience. There is a vast sea of personal blogs out there and sometimes, we could not check all the best ones. That’s why the ranking made by the Blogmeter team is important because we already did the filtering for you. All you need to do is visit their site and read all you want.

The list of the 20 best personal blogs by worth for the month of November below are composed of the personal blogs who got a lot of following and support from hundred thousands of netizens. This is a great indication that they produce quality contents worthy of your time.

The personal blogs who made it in the top 20 of the best blogs by worth under such category are the existing proof that indeed, Personal blogs are force to be reckoned with in the entire blogosphere. Check them below: