There were many showbiz gossips that made the world of entertainment rock for the entire year. From showbiz break-ups to new romance, top grossing films, aired tv and online series, the blogosphere was the very first to give you the meatiest news about all these happenings. Pinoy entertainment blogs always provide you updates and discussion on the hottest issues in the local and international scenes. No wonder, entertainment blogs remain to be one of the most widely accessed and shared types of blog today.

The top 20 blogs by worth which made to this month’s ranking are the best blogs in giving readers what they crave for ranging from behind the scene information, fan exclusive update, to happenings, in and out of showbiz, around their celebrity idols. They also allow fans and followers to post comments or ask questions and interact with other people sharing the same interest which makes readers or fans feel like they are a part of it all.

Below are the best Entertainment blogs by worth for this month. They made it to the list since they got the highest number of recorded visits for the past thirty days among blogs who are placed under the same category

1http://www.fashionpulis.comCelebrities & Entertainment29,260193
2http://normannorman.comCelebrities & Entertainment135,915612
3http://www.lionheartv.netCelebrities & Entertainment94,360703
4http://www.starmometer.comCelebrities & Entertainment133,3551051
5 & Entertainment358,9862,767
6http://rodmagaru.comCelebrities & Entertainment429,8553,891
7http://enjoyingwonderfulworld.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment444,3394,796
8http://said-fred.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment619,5955,194
9http://thefanboyseo.comCelebrities & Entertainment621,7837,021
10http://www.datelinemovies.comCelebrities & Entertainment431,5878,015
11http://www.showbiznest.comCelebrities & Entertainment627,2388,201
12http://www.mykiru.phCelebrities & Entertainment1,291,00810,561
13http://www.kakulayscoop.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment1,324,64511,158
14 & Entertainment450,47812,291
15http://www.boy-kuripot.comCelebrities & Entertainment1,096,47913,637