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1http://www.thehappytrip.comTravel & Leisure60,301404
2http://www.thepoortraveler.net/Travel & Leisure99,814777
3http://cebufinest.com/Travel & Leisure149,6751,030
4http://firsttimetravels.comTravel & Leisure291,1861,533
5http://www.freedomwall.netTravel & Leisure186,8511,661
6http://outoftownblog.com/Travel & Leisure142,7461,690
7http://www.pinoyadventurista.comTravel & Leisure133,0931,804
8http://www.driftstories.comTravel & Leisure474,2782,063
9http://www.lakwatsero.comTravel & Leisure309,5942,680
10http://dalebacar.comTravel & Leisure458,0712,854
11http://www.backpackingphilippines.com/Travel & Leisure487,9593,634
12http://www.pinoytravelblog.comTravel & Leisure371,0753,823
13http://www.lakadpilipinas.comTravel & Leisure627,0634,524
14http://www.lakadpilipinas.comTravel & Leisure627,0634,524
15http://www.ironwulf.netTravel & Leisure586,7694,737
16http://travelingmorion.comTravel & Leisure505,4455,080
17http://www.senyorita.netTravel & Leisure289,9026,186
18http://www.chasingtrailsandtales.comTravel & Leisure1,916,03811,464
19http://www.chasingphilippines.comTravel & Leisure1,179,95914,021
20http://pinasmuna.com/Travel & Leisure905,86217,854