At long last, it is the time of the month where we release the recent rundown of the best blogs per theme or category. Below, you will see the top blog sites in the Philippines under the category Food and Beverages.

The blogs grouped under this category provide various contents. These best food blogs by worth provide reliable contents nay it be regarding the must-try recipes, the cheap, classy, and fine restaurants in the Philippines or in your area, must try drinks, food and the like. Visiting their blogs is a tasty experience and one that would lead you to loving and saving them in your bookmarks.

The top 20 food blogs of the Philippines for the Month of January may be found below. Don’t forget to share their sites and this ranking with your friends!

1http://www.thepeachkitchen.comFood & Beverage74,283612
2http://www.pinoyrecipe.netFood & Beverage77,926685
3 & Beverage101,125992
4 & Beverage230,1831,601
5http://www.marketmanila.comFood & Beverage234,5772,312
6http://www.pepper.phFood & Beverage203,1932,457
7http://www.thebaginvestigator.comFood & Beverage329,5222,758
8http://www.thefoodscout.netFood & Beverage423,9392,974
9http://www.theblueink.comFood & Beverage313,8885,389
10http://www.ambosmundosfamilyfoodblog.comFood & Beverage835,0256,457
11http://www.louisechelleblog.comFood & Beverage583,7946,572
12http://www.thefatkidinside.comFood & Beverage611,3328,566
13http://www.certifiedfoodies.comFood & Beverage756,7768,818
14http://www.angsarap.netFood & Beverage385,9558,864
15http://www.thepickiesteater.netFood & Beverage1,069,51513,224
16http://www.dekaphobe.comFood & Beverage1,580,79213,617
17http://www.joeiandme.comFood & Beverage1,345,30014,280