January 2019 – Food and Beverage – Rank List

We have done this ranking for a few months now and the individuals who made in the rank are unquestionably the best as per readership and quality contents. There are simple reasons why these blogs make it to the rank, few of which are the following:  quality content and user friendly blog designs or lay-outs.

1http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/355.60K364,714Increased by 7.47%
2http://www.pepper.ph145.18K421,867Increased by 2.35%
3http://www.angsarap.net139.31K406,834Decreased by 23.75%
4http://www.pinoyrecipe.net96.68K493,314Increased by 27.05%
5http://www.thepeachkitchen.com80.58K1,119,445Increased by 2.92%
6http://www.marketmanila.com64.88K829,577Increased by 1.27%
7http://www.thefatkidinside.comno data to show 1,515,462-
8http://www.certifiedfoodies.comno data to show 3,447,426-
9http://www.thefoodscout.netno data to show 4,014,060-
10http://www.joeiandme.comno data to show 4,096,045-
11http://www.thepickiesteater.netno data to show 4,624,345-
12http://www.ambosmundosfamilyfoodblog.com/no data to show 12,649,021-
13http://www.baratako.com/no data to show 15,946,049-
14http://www.dekaphobe.comno data to show 17,005,501-
15http://www.theblueink.comno data to show 22,369,508-
16http://www.louisechelleblog.comno data to show 33,710,804-