January 2019 – Personal – Rank List

The blogmeter team ranked the best personal blogs for you! The list is composed of the personal blogs who got a lot of following and support from hundred thousands of netizens. The rank is a great indication that they produce quality contents worthy of your time.

1http://fearlessprediction.blogspot.com78.50K622,004Increased by 71.93%
2http://www.mommypeach.com40.29K3,706,952Decreased by 48.00%
3http://mommylevy.com18.71K1,923,000Increased by 5.15%
4http://www.just-passing-thru.comno data to show1,435,061-
5http://www.thesoshalnetwork.comno data to show2,274,517-
6http://rochkirstin.com/no data to show2,337,121-
7http://www.ourfamilyblogsabout.info/no data to show2,679,851-
8http://www.ilovekeisha.com/no data to show3,363,905-
9http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.comno data to show3,648,889-
10http://aletterwriter.com/no data to show3,873,683-
11http://teresay.comno data to show5,281,694-
12http://www.ruthdelacruz.comno data to show6,614,276-
13http://www.chemistdad.comno data to show7,159,226-
14http://www.momaye.comno data to show7,333,308-
15http://www.abovepreciousrubies.comno data to show8,955,267-
16http://www.moomymusings.comno data to show10,245,157-
17flowgalindez.comno data to show12,988,986-
18https://miniphilippines.wordpress.comno data to show14,626,607-
19http://myworldmommyanna.com/no data to show14,892,652-