The top 20 blogs for your daily celebrity and entertainment scoops were ranked for the past thirty one days. Their regular update may it be about the latest gossip, fashion statement, paparazzi shots, rumours, confessions, split up and new love flooded our social media feed. That is the reason why it is no longer a surprise if we see them being recognized as a top blog by worth for the month of july. The ranking is determined by a comprehensive method of tabulation. We look in to how each site performed in respect to media score, the online hits they get, even their bookmark score!

In this month’s ranking, is now ranked at number 2 from being third last month while consistently performed well for the past 31 days and thus, was successful in defending its ranking as the top entertainment and celebrity related blog in the Philippines. Few blogs also scored higher than last month; they are, now ranked 9 from being ranked 12 last month,, now ranked 11th from being ranked 13th, which climbed 2 spots higher and now ranked as top 12, and few other improvements which you may notice in the ranking below. For those who ranked lower this month, don’t forget that tomorrow is a new day and the scoring for the next ranking begins.

Check the ranking here:

1 & Entertainment19139,066
2 & Entertainment682117,484
3 & Entertainment2,665141,518
4 & Entertainment1,919231,166
5 & Entertainment2,676256,595
6 & Entertainment3,118299,851
7 & Entertainment6,009424,241
8 & Entertainment7,944469,454
9 & Entertainment3,957482,933
10 & Entertainment4,642487,637
11 & Entertainment3,568493,092
12http://www.boy-kuripot.comCelebrities & Entertainment5,562551,384
13 & Entertainment5,218611,123
14 & EntertainmentNo PH Data641,657
15 & Entertainment3,115641,987
16 & Entertainment4,122719,013
17 & EntertainmentNo PH Data801,010
18 & Entertainment21,1521,695,922
19 NEWCelebrities & EntertainmentNo PH Data2,168,260
20 & EntertainmentNo PH Data2,366,423