There were a lot of events that happened all around the country and the world that deserved our concern and immediate attention. And indeed, we took notice of this news because of the instantaneous coverage of few large and small scale news entities. We must not deny however, that few of these reliable sources of information come from the blogosphere. In fact, some of these trending news would have not came out if not because of the fast updates coming from our Philippine news bloggers.

Hence, for the month of July, we examined the behaviour of internet users when it comes to reading and sharing contents related to news and current affairs. We also took in to consideration the social media score, of various blogs falling under this category. Today, we are happy to present to you the top performing news blogsites in the country.

Just like the previous month, the first in the ranking of best news blogs is, followed by,, and the The aforementioned blogs defended their spot in the top 5 and were consistent in their content style and method. To check the latest ranking of best news blogs by worth who made it to top 20, you may check below:

1 & Media28239,535
2 & Media37960,002
3 & Media38779,876
4 & Media811125,779
5 & Media4206244,772
6 & Media4632332,953
7 & Media2360450,452
8http://www.orangemagazine.phNews & Media5815568,505
9 & Media6265739,398
10 & MediaNo PH Data747,988
11 & MediaNo PH Data799,411
12http://launchverbatim.weebly.comNews & Media6541807,830
13 & Media8095951,288
14 & Media11223951,611
15 & MediaNo PH Data1,141,685
16 & MediaNo PH Data1,147,867
17 & Media166091,549,564
18 & MediaNo PH Data1,861,084
19 & MediaNo PH Data1,883,393
20 & MediaNo PH Data3,596,564