March 2019 – Technology – Rank List

Tech blogs are known for their contents with regards to the latest Laptops, tablets, operating systems, software, phones and the like. To know more, check their sites below:

1http://www.yugatech.com1.72M35,141Decreased by 11.67%
2http://www.manilashaker.com533.75K537,028Decreased by 1.23%
3http://www.pinoytechnoguide.com458.33K112,656Decreased by 11.89%
4http://www.noypigeeks.com299.03K251,003Decreased by 30.70%
5,723Decreased by 40.52%
6http://unbox.ph242.29K245,399Decreased by 5.12%
7http://www.gizguide.com229.51K331,530Increased by 20.81%,264Increased by 229.0%
9,015Decreased by 6.23%
10http://www.techpinas.com83.46K692,292Decreased by 19.63%
11,051Decreased by 59.01%
12,273,167Increased by 5.41%
13,565,052Increased by 12.73%
14tipsgeeks.com6.96K2,974,467Increased by 2.07%
15,649,627Decreased by 10.98%,204,802Decreased by 36.48%
17http://www.pinoytechblog.comno data to show887,396
18 data to show899,691
19http://www.gadgetpilipinas.netno data to show1,050,673 data to show1,249,683
21http://www.teknogadyet.comno data to show1,253,564
22http://www.technobaboy.comno data to show1,358,288 data to show2,376,261
24 data to show2,377,639
25http://www.techpatrl.comno data to show3,368,149
26 data to show3,455,678
27 data to show3,963,478
28http://www.ilonggotechblog.comno data to show4,346,684
29 data to show5,288,259
30http://www.wahpinas.comno data to show5,291,192 data to show5,501,381
32 data to show6,205,483
33 data to show6,306,028
34http://www.dugompinoy.comno data to show8,217,471 data to show8,294,772
36http://pinoyscreencast.netno data to show15,598,306
37https://www.gizmomanila.comno data to show17,651,355
38 data to show21,924,673
39 data to show24,394,524
40http://www.elifestylemanila.comno data to show26,575,237