For the past couple of days we have seen how the Aldub phenomenon between Alden and Yaya Dub broke the internet. Pastillas girl also shared her bitterness to the broken relationship she had, and now she is on her quest to finding the right one. Thanks to entertainment blogs, we find ways to feed our thirst for more progress in each of this story. In addition to that, this blog also give us up-to-date gossip, rumors, discussion as to the showbiz and private life of other celebrity idols. The top 20 blogs under Celebrity and Entertainment was based on consistent factors such as internet hits, social media and bookmark scores. This month, we have used the Alexa PH data, as one of the factor in determining who gets in the ranking. As a result, those blogs which do not appear in Alexa ranking or which does not have Alexa PH Data, are disqualified.

For the month of October, has successfully defended the top spot to be the best showbiz blog authority in the Philippines.  The ranking is based on their daily performance for the past 30 days. Go on and check the best 20 celebrity themed blogs for the month of October. You may see the ranking below:

1 & Entertainment29,186161
2 & Entertainment87,669559
3 & Entertainment99,528811
4 & Entertainment207,3592,036
5 & Entertainment328,9022,156
6http://www.datelinemovies.comCelebrities & Entertainment269,2612,162
7 & Entertainment246,6212,689
8 & Entertainment419,9303,164
9http://said-fred.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment418,0653,801
10http://starringoftheday.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment509,7234,630
11http://www.showbiznest.comCelebrities & Entertainment342,6807,081
12 & Entertainment450,4178,938
13http://www.kakulayscoop.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment1,108,03815,243
14 & Entertainment688,23316,436
15 & Entertainment824,44816,516