We know you’ve been dying to know what are the best beauty blogs in the Philippines; of course, who wouldn’t want to check the best tips and do’s and don’ts when it comes to picking the best make-up, lipstick, the trending style, and the kind of outfit to sport in different events. The ranking given to you by Blogmeter provides the best blogs who have established theirselves to be the authority to satisfy your desires and needs.

This month, the Beauty Junkee successfully defended their spot as the best beauty blog in the Philippines. Joining them in the ranking of the best blogs by worth for beauty blogs may be found below. This month, aside from our independent tabulation and analysis of their internet hits recorded for the past thirty days, we have also considered the data given by Alexa PH. The following blogs which qualified to the top 20 blogs are the following:

1http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty183,585489
2http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty119,408694
3http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty85,893863
4http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty127,4541,304
5http://animetric.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty148,1191,367
6http://www.manilashopper.com/Fashion & Beauty261,4152,451
7http://www.projectvanity.comFashion & Beauty344,6842,523
8http://www.lhyziebongon.comFashion & Beauty226,2182,883
9http://www.kryzuy.comFashion & Beauty308,8703,349
10http://www.kikaysikat.comFashion & Beauty362,9273,606
11http://www.manilaonsale.comFashion & Beauty294,0193,787
12http://www.emoteragoddess.comFashion & Beauty396,3924,508
13http://www.shensaddiction.com/Fashion & Beauty603,0344,664
14http://www.mylucidintervals.comFashion & Beauty554,9886,840
15http://www.askmewhats.comFashion & Beauty553,2907,582
16http://www.vernverniece.comFashion & Beauty895,4739,532
17http://www.themistymom.comFashion & Beauty499,74910,265
18http://www.breakmystyle.comFashion & Beauty532,08810,292
19http://itscamilleco.comFashion & Beauty340,36015,585