Unlike in the past ranking, this month and the coming month will be using the Philippine date recorded by ALexa PH as one of the controlling factor in determining the top blogs in the country. Form this date, we would consolidate and analyse it together with our record to come up with a more reflective and honest ranking per category. For the food category, the Peach Kitchen is the best blog for the month of October.

Peach Kitchen and the rest of the blogs who made it in the list never fail to give us everything that would made us thirsty and hungry. The best blogs for food and beverage regularly provide the must-try recipes, the cheap, classy, and fine restaurants in the Philippines or in your area, must try drinks, food and the like. Reading their savoury contents is indeed a delight that we will surely not miss.

The top 20 food blogs of the Philippines for the Month of October may be found below. Don’t forget to share their site and always remember that your visit to these blogs, counts!

1http://www.thepeachkitchen.comFood & Beverage43,114351
2http://www.pinoyrecipe.netFood & Beverage51,786433
3http://www.ourawesomeplanet.comFood & Beverage85,002555
4http://www.baratako.com/Food & Beverage168,3281,503
5http://www.louisechelleblog.comFood & Beverage160,8731,647
6http://www.thefoodscout.netFood & Beverage305,2341,866
7http://www.marketmanila.comFood & Beverage193,6511,924
8http://www.pepper.phFood & Beverage212,1052,429
9http://geekykitch.comFood & Beverage511,5453,291
10www.rochellerivera.com/p/food.htmlFood & Beverage468,1084,349
11http://www.joeiandme.comFood & Beverage859,2765,854
12http://www.thefatkidinside.com/Food & Beverage513,4126,396
13http://www.theblueink.comFood & Beverage901,9506,668
14http://www.thebaginvestigator.com/Food & Beverage605,3106,785
15http://www.certifiedfoodies.comFood & Beverage721,1866,915
16http://www.thepickiesteater.net/Food & Beverage574,1328,475
17http://www.yummy.com.ph/Food & Beverage321,6669,022
18http://www.angsarap.netFood & Beverage416,06812,288
19http://bakedhoven.comFood & Beverage2,120,29116,264
20http://www.dekaphobe.comFood & Beverage641,99018,935