Today’s ranking will employ a game changing factor which is the Alexa Ph data from Alexa Ranking. As we have repeatedly explain in the past, we have been conducting an independent analysis of recorded data like social media shares, and frequent internet traffics in determining the best blogs by worth in the Philippines. This month’s ranking, however, and the months to come, those blogs that do not have any Alexa PH data wouldn’t be included in the rank.

Below are the best news blogs for the past thirty days. They did not fail I giving us newsworthy updates, events, occurrences, and the like. Thanks to their relevant contents, we are abreast of all the happening surrounding us, may it be local or international news.

Below are the best blogs by worth under the news category. Lie the aforementioned change, we base our ranking to stable criteria such as the social media shares a site or a post generates, and the counts of visits they get for the past 30 days with specific data from Alexa PH. All of this information are consolidated and compared among other blogs situated under the same category.

We congratulate The for being the top news blog of the Month! For the other sites who made it to the Top 20 cut, you may check them below:

1http://pageone.phNews & Media51,875226
2 & Media105,497603
3http://www.thesummitexpress.comNews & Media146,195870
4http://localpulse.netNews & Media146,3051,062
5http://www.thedigitalspy.comNews & Media325,9491,516
6 & Media100,4101,537
7http://www.thenewsbite.comNews & Media241,4471,573
8http://inewmedia.orNews & Media274,0252,217
9http://rachfeed.comNews & Media218,3312,957
10http://www.xolxol.phNews & Media110,9023,826
11http://launchverbatim.weebly.comNews & Media708,7186,201
12http://www.digitalfilipina.comNews & Media821,5407,010
13http://pilipinasdaily.comNews & Media1,014,5197,673
14http://www.orangemagazine.phNews & Media612,6088,697
15http://manilaconcertjunkies.blogspot.comNews & Media2,061,9089,782
16http://elysplanet.comNews & Media753,46311,403
17 & Media602,80311,563
18http://theindecenttruth.comNews & Media2,817,10216,821