People love to be entertained. Whether it’s the movies, television, or social media, people love to be entertained and as a consequence, entertainment is a big part of millions of people around the world. Nowadays, people want more than what they see on the screen; they crave for more things like behind the scene information, fan exclusive update, the happening of their celebrity idols and many more. One effective source for these information are data provided by entertainment blogs.

Entertainment blogs usually provide the latest showbiz news and theyallow fans and followers to post comments or ask questions and interact with other people sharing the same interest. Entertainment blogs make readers feel like they are a part of it all.

Below are the best Entetainment blogs by worth for this month. They made it to the list  since they got the highest number of recorded visits for the past thirty days among blogs who are placed under the same category. Check them below:

1 & Entertainment30,434164
2 & Entertainment102,841416
3 & Entertainment96,870893
4 & Entertainment254,6431,556
5http://www.datelinemovies.comCelebrities & Entertainment264,4521,722
6 & Entertainment478,7361,977
7 & Entertainment213,2162,770
8http://www.showbiznest.comCelebrities & Entertainment320,9733,028
9http://said-fred.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment437,7863,573
10 & Entertainment549,9865,169
11 & Entertainment423,3055,556
12http://www.boy-kuripot.comCelebrities & Entertainment478,5176,256
13 & Entertainment716,9256,877
14 & Entertainment468,3227,571
15 & Entertainment408,65511,514
16http://www.kakulayscoop.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment700,03712,564