Personal style or beauty bloggers, over the past decade, have become a real force in the fashion industry. They are the authority in providing the latest ins and outs of styling, colour matching, beauty tips and many more. Whether you need to know the perfect shade of lipsticks for your next online purchase or in need of an in-depth review of the latest craze in make-up, fashion trend and the like, many girls and sometimes, boys, have turned to some of the best beauty blogs at one point or another for their fashion dilemmas. 

These passionate beauty aficionados are to the rescue through their carefully curated blogs which never fail to provide their readers all the things they need to know about their hair, makeup, skincare, nails and outfit. To continue our monthly tradition, we are now giving you this month’s ranking of the most widely accessed personal beauty blogs in the Philippines.

1http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty122,319701
2http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty83,780739
3 & Beauty139,377825
4http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty119,029939
5http://www.manilashopper.comFashion & Beauty252,0521,868
6http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty464,5461,878
7 & Beauty269,0961,973
8 & Beauty221,3702,526
9 & Beauty447,9274,418
10 & Beauty336,1894,638
11 & Beauty364,4454,977
12 & Beauty502,1996427
13http://www.kryzuy.comFashion & Beauty256,2776,579
14 & Beauty754,1746,694
15 & Beauty347,8308,260
16 & Beauty329,29410200
17 & Beauty740,78210,643
18 & Beauty475,22311,281
19 & Beauty1,034,73012,130
20 & Beauty614,17312,230