None of the media-oriented blogs who made it to the rank are affiliated with any major media companies in the Philippines. Despite being independently published, it managed to gain thousands of followers and support from readers.

Today, they are one of the rising forces in online news and current affairs. Bloggers don’t only provide information of the latest current events happening in the country and around the world, they also provide avenue for discussion among readers. Like any major news outlet, their contents are credible and sent across the World Wide Web instantaneously. Sometimes, these blogs deliver the breaking news faster than the major media outfits.

The openness of these blogs for reader’s participation makes it a community and effective in delivering news. The blogs who made to the top 20 best News blogs by worth are the greatest conversionalists in the entire Philippine blogosphere. They go the highest recorded internet visits for the past 30 days. We present to you the 20 News blogs that are well worth following:

1http://pageone.phNews & Media68,528299
2 & Media94,740874
3http://www.xolxol.phNews & Media71,2691,037
4http://www.thesummitexpress.comNews & Media143,8391,047
5 & Media63,3731,078
6http://localpulse.netNews & Media131,9631,204
7 & Media287,4301381
8 & Media190,2542540
9http://inewmedia.orgNews & Media277,6142,648
10www.ednything.comNews & Media549,1123,854
11www.orangemagazine.phNews & Media575,1125,033
12http://www.thedigitalspy.comNews & Media448,9555,069
13/launchverbatim.weebly.comNews & Media733,4205,423
14http://elysplanet.comNews & Media735,2157,010
15http://www.digitalfilipina.comNews & Media828,0229,488
16http://www.philippineedition.comNews & Media985,89711,345
17 & Media1,244,51918,033
18 & Media1,303,05819,778