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July 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

We are now ready to present to you the best beauty blogs by worth that made it to this month’s top 20 ranking. As usual, these blogs made it to the list because of their established reputation in providing us basic to sophisticated tips in make-up, hair style, fashion, and the like. These reliable resources coupled with the massive support and following by online readers allowed these blogs to score higher and made it in the blog meter ranking.

Thebeutyjunkee.blogspot.com is now the best beauty blog in the Philippines for the month of July from being ranked second last month. It superseded animetric.blogspot.com which is now ranked at number two. Like the beautyjunkee.blogspot.com, few of our resident beauty blogs improved in their ranking. Few of them are earthlingorgeous.com which climbed three slots higher from being previously ranked as number six, kryzuy.com, itscamilleco.com and few others which you may check in the ranking below:

1http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com/Fashion & Beauty783124,648
2http://animetric.blogspot.com/Fashion & Beauty962135,604
3http://www.earthlingorgeous.com/Fashion & Beauty966200,313
4http://www.manilashopper.com/Fashion & Beauty2366253,995
5http://www.lhyziebongon.com/Fashion & Beauty2634255,388
6http://www.manilaonsale.com/Fashion & Beauty2744259,637
7http://www.projectvanity.com/Fashion & Beauty2,910295,186
8http://www.kryzuy.com/Fashion & Beauty5476299,691
9http://www.kikaysikat.com/Fashion & Beauty2549299,985
10http://itscamilleco.com/Fashion & Beauty7971322,919
11http://www.askmewhats.com/Fashion & Beauty4201428,520
12http://www.themistymom.com/Fashion & Beauty7339488,547
13http://www.rina-alcantara.com/Fashion & Beauty3940518,875
14http://www.breakmystyle.com/Fashion & BeautyNo PH Data663,891
15http://www.shensaddiction.com/Fashion & Beauty9413794,005
16http://www.iambrigitte.com/Fashion & BeautyNo PH Data1,011,253
17http://www.vernverniece.com/Fashion & Beauty11,5711,060,795
18http://lilmisswonderwoman.comFashion & BeautyNo PH Data1,585,028
19https://franchescayambao.wordpress.com/ – NEWFashion & BeautyNo PH Data2,000,727
20http://www.chroniclesofvanity.com/Fashion & BeautyNo PH Data2,523,745

July 2015 – Food and Beverage

We at the Blogmeter Team tabulated the social media score and daily internet hits for the past thirty one days of the best food and beverage blogs in the Philippines. These best food blogs by worth provide reliable contents regarding the must-try recipes, restaurants, food and the like. Visiting their blogs is a tasty experience and one that would lead you to loving and saving them in your bookmarks.Based on our assessment, thepeachkitchen.com topped all food and beverage blogs followed by pinoyrecipe.net at number two, ourawesomeplanet.com at 3, pepper.ph, yummy.com.ph, kusinamaster.asia, baratako.com and many more which you may found in the ranking below.

What are you waiting for? Go and check the top 20 food and drink blogsites by worth for the month of July and don’t forget to share their sites and this ranking with your friends!

1http://www.thepeachkitchen.com/Food & Beverage30037,580
2http://www.pinoyrecipe.netFood & Beverage50854,236
3http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/Food & Beverage60184,791
4http://www.pepper.ph/Food & Beverage1,478163,049
5http://www.yummy.com.ph/Food & Beverage1,114172,607
6http://www.kusinamaster.asia/Food & Beverage5,514299,525
7http://www.baratako.com/Food & Beverage1,470308,718
8http://www.rochellerivera.com/p/food.htmlFood & Beverage3,700350,088
9http://www.angsarap.net/Food & BeverageNo PH Data368,374
10http://www.joeiandme.com/Food & Beverage7,983508,793
11http://www.thepickiesteater.net/Food & Beverage7,403558,161
12http://www.mymomfriday.com/Food & Beverage15,613668,616
13http://www.thefatkidinside.com/Food & Beverage9,124812,840
14http://www.theblueink.com/Food & Beverage10,157855,911
15http://www.thefoodscout.net/Food & Beverage10,926856,348
16http://pinoyfoodblog.com/Food & Beverage18,805917,492
17http://www.lifeiskulayful.com/Food & BeverageNo PH Data937,857
18http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/Food & Beverage7,9081,102,780
19http://www.lynne-enroute.com/Food & Beverage15,3281,555,505
20http://www.kriskamarie.com/Food & BeverageNo PH Data2,190,811

July 2015 – News and Media

There were a lot of events that happened all around the country and the world that deserved our concern and immediate attention. And indeed, we took notice of this news because of the instantaneous coverage of few large and small scale news entities. We must not deny however, that few of these reliable sources of information come from the blogosphere. In fact, some of these trending news would have not came out if not because of the fast updates coming from our Philippine news bloggers.

Hence, for the month of July, we examined the behaviour of internet users when it comes to reading and sharing contents related to news and current affairs. We also took in to consideration the social media score, of various blogs falling under this category. Today, we are happy to present to you the top performing news blogsites in the country.

Just like the previous month, the first in the ranking of best news blogs is thedailypedia.com, followed by xoxol.ph, coolbuster.net, thesummitexpress.com and the digitalspy.com. The aforementioned blogs defended their spot in the top 5 and were consistent in their content style and method. To check the latest ranking of best news blogs by worth who made it to top 20, you may check below:

1http://www.thedailypedia.com/News & Media28239,535
2http://www.xolxol.ph/News & Media37960,002
3http://www.coolbuster.net/News & Media38779,876
4http://www.thesummitexpress.com/News & Media811125,779
5http://www.thedigitalspy.com/News & Media4206244,772
6http://www.thenewsbite.com/News & Media4632332,953
7http://pageone.ph/News & Media2360450,452
8http://www.orangemagazine.phNews & Media5815568,505
9http://www.digitalfilipina.com/News & Media6265739,398
10http://www.philippineedition.com/News & MediaNo PH Data747,988
11http://www.kabuddy.com/News & MediaNo PH Data799,411
12http://launchverbatim.weebly.comNews & Media6541807,830
13http://www.bazics.net/News & Media8095951,288
14http://elysplanet.com/News & Media11223951,611
15http://www.scoopboy.com/News & MediaNo PH Data1,141,685
16http://dailycontributor.com/News & MediaNo PH Data1,147,867
17http://pilipinasdaily.com/News & Media166091,549,564
18http://www.macuha.com/News & MediaNo PH Data1,861,084
19http://thepinoy.net/News & MediaNo PH Data1,883,393
20http://www.viralmediaph.com/News & MediaNo PH Data3,596,564

July 2015 – Personal

We determined the best of the best personal blogs in the country. Our top 20 best personal blogs by worth were determined based on social media shares, daily internet hits or traffic, as well as bookmark scores form their readers and visitors. These tabulation is based on credible and stable standards that allow us in blogmeterteam to assess all blogs that fall under the same category.

In the Personal Blogs category, we look into the content they create such us tips, opinion, anecdotes, reflection, daily diary, confessions and the like. The top 20 personal blogs feature almost anything under the sun. With their undeniable style and wit, it will only take one post to make you love them.

Below are the best personal blogs of the month of July. We take this special opportunity to acknowledge the 1st in the ranking, wheninmanila.com!

13http://www.yoshke.com – NEWPersonal4253576,668
15http://www.ladyandhersweetescapes.com/PersonalNo PH Data603,608

July 2015 – Sports and Health

Sports and Health Blogs are slowly becoming a force to be reckon with when it comes to popularity; On one hand, a lot of people nowadays use them as their source for updates regarding their best teams, the latest tournaments and match-ups, the must-buy products and gears as well as tips and strategies on how to play like a pro. On the other, some blogs in this category are also considered as a reliable source for exercise, workout and other health tips.

Below are the top 20 blogs in sports and health in the Philippines. Go and check each of them and tell us what you think!

1http://www.spin.ph/Sports &  Health6811,078
2http://www.kathrivera.com/Sports &  Health72171,423
3http://www.teampilipinas.info/Sports &  Health194792,255
4http://www.motorcyclephilippines.com/Sports &  Health903137,219
5http://myjackpot.jcyberinux.com/Sports &  Health664137,492
6http://www.projectmarie.com/Sports &  Health1,016159,833
7http://www.earthlingorgeous.com/Sports &  Health874193,337
8http://www.tennisguru.net/Sports &  HealthNo Data237,472
9http://www.takbo.ph/Sports &  Health2,362257,052
10http://www.powcast.net/Sports &  Health2,340411,532
11http://animeblogger.net/Sports &  HealthNo PH Data466,820
12http://www.pinoymountaineer.com/Sports &  Health4333496,449
13http://myeclinik.com/Sports &  HealthNo PH Data561,318
14http://www.therainbowstar.net/Sports &  HealthNo PH Data563,445
15http://www.r0ckstarm0mma.com/Sports &  Health7616654,672
16http://fastbreak.com.ph/Sports &  Health9,8341,113,759
17http://www.snowbadua.com/Sports &  HealthNo PH Data1,432,704
18http://www.urbantribe.ph/Sports &  HealthNo PH Data2,426,918
19http://www.health-avenue.info/Sports &  HealthNo PH Data2,536,350
20http://www.docmikeblog.com/ – NEWSports &  HealthNo PH Data14,360,809

July 2015 – Technology

With the advent of the internet vis-à-vis the unstoppable introduction of gadgets and techs, it has been an indispensable skill to know what updates are coming in and learn how to fix glitches and use one’s technology properly. These information a whole lot more are readily available with the assistance of tech geeks who produce contents through technology related blogs.

For the month of July, we have identified the best 20 tech blogs that performed well for the past thirty one days. Their ranking is determined by various factors such as social media shares, bookmark scores and the daily internet hits they get from their readers and visitors.

May it be information regarding the latest operating system, introduced apps, trends and comprehensive and reliable reviews, the top 20 blogs below got it all covered just for you! To know more, check their sites below:

15http://jaypeeonline.net/TechnologyNo PH Data566,938

July 2015 – Travel and Leisure

Travel all the places that must be discovered as long as we can; Don’t be scared to strike off some destination in your bucket list and book your flight and hotels for your next get-away. The ranking of the best travel and leisure blogs may help you in planning for your next travel. The best travel blogs are identified based on credible and stable standards; few of these would be the number of shares in social media, the frequency of bookmark score and the daily recorded internet hits.

The top 20 travel and leisure blogs will give you all the information you need may it be the things to bring, the food and drinks to try, a place to stay and whole lot more! Visit the 20 best travel blogs by worth for the month of July below and good luck with your travel plans:

1http://www.thepoortraveler.net/Travel & Leisure99194,638
2http://www.thehappytrip.com/Travel & Leisure483102,033
3http://outoftownblog.com/Travel & Leisure612116,111
4http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/Travel & Leisure1063127,231
5http://www.lakwatsero.com/Travel & Leisure2191242,301
6http://www.senyorita.net/Travel & Leisure2,027261,421
7http://www.philippinebeaches.org/Travel & Leisure6779339,119
8http://firsttimetravels.com/ – NEWTravel & Leisure3076352415
9http://www.pinoymtbiker.org/Travel & Leisure4806359,955
10http://www.ph-commute.com/Travel & Leisure4883382,315
11http://www.travelingmorion.com/ – NEWTravel & Leisure5899460927
12http://www.backpackingphilippines.com/Travel & Leisure6829519,897
13http://www.lakadpilipinas.com/Travel & Leisure7686556,312
14http://www.lakas.com.ph/Travel & Leisure17142588,603
15http://flipnomad.com/Travel & LeisureNo PH Data623,246
16http://www.ironwulf.net/Travel & Leisure10020625,320
17http://www.pinoytravelblog.com/Travel & Leisure7089707,357
18http://www.lakwatseradeprimera.com/Travel & Leisure8367743,999
19http://www.pinasmuna.com/ – NEWTravel & Leisure11549786590
20http://soloflighted.com/Travel & LeisureNo PH Data977,521

July 2015 – Top 100

July already ended and we know that whenever the month ends, we at the Blogmeter team always brings you the latest assessment of the performance of the best blogs by worth in the Philippines for the past 30 days. The comprehensive and credible lists of the most popular and relied upon blogs are categorized based on theme and consequently ranked in relation to the number of hits the get for the entire month of July. Their individual hits, coupled with the frequency of bookmark score and social media shares allow us to compare them with other blogs. Furthermore, the team look into the content focus and style of each blog and analyse how this affect the online behaviour of users when it comes their searching and reading behaviour. Thus, The number of comments, shares in social media, frequency in search engines and as well as the number of bookmark scores do play a huge role in determining who makes it in the list. After identifying the latest ranking, we compare it to other ranking sites so that we may take note of any disparities, if there exists, and as well as similarities. After all, we analyse the same online milieu and blog sites.

As a disclaimer, the ranking isn’t absolute as to the value of each blog. Every day new blogs are published and they may or may not worthy of our time. But one thing is for sure, the blogs who made to the list are quality blogs. They are proven to be the best in what they do, thus, thousands of online readers support and follow them every day. The top 100 blogs are regularly updated with interesting and useful contents; secondly, it is beautifully organized or designed that visiting them is definitely a visual pleasure and that their style of creating and delivering their content is effective and simplistic that readers don’t grow tired of reading them. Of course, there is no secret ingredient or hard science behind their success in making it to the rank. They simply identified what blog they want to be come and understand the readers they are targeting for.

Below are the top 100 blogs by worth for the month of July; This month’s list are composed of various of themed blogs such as news, personal, health, travel, sports, food, entertainment and finance.  For the past thirty one days, these blogs have continuously delivered quality contents and for such awesome contribution and performance, we salute and congratulate them! Check them below and see for yourself why they are the top 100 blogs by worth!

1http://www.spin.ph/Sports &  Health6811078
4http://www.thepeachkitchen.com/Food & Beverage30037580
5http://www.fashionpulis.com/ Celebrities & Entertainment19139066
6http://www.thedailypedia.com/News & Media28239535
7http://www.pinoyrecipe.netFood & Beverage50854236
8http://www.xolxol.ph/News & Media37960002
10http://www.kathrivera.com/Sports &  Health72171423
11http://www.coolbuster.net/News & Media38779876
12http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/Food & Beverage60184791
14http://www.teampilipinas.info/Sports &  Health194792255
15http://www.thepoortraveler.net/Travel & Leisure99194638
16http://www.thehappytrip.com/Travel & Leisure483102033
17http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com/Business & Finance617109117
18http://outoftownblog.com/Travel & Leisure612116111
19http://www.starmometer.com/Celebrities & Entertainment682117484
20http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/Business & Finance832117856
22http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com/Fashion & Beauty783124648
24http://www.thesummitexpress.com/News & Media811125779
25http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/Travel & Leisure1063127231
27http://animetric.blogspot.com/Fashion & Beauty962135604
28http://www.motorcyclephilippines.com/Sports &  Health903137219
29http://myjackpot.jcyberinux.com/Sports &  Health664137492
30http://www.lionheartv.net/Celebrities & Entertainment2665141518
32http://www.projectmarie.com/Sports &  Health1016159833
33http://fitzvillafuerte.com/Business & Finance1267161206
34http://www.pepper.ph/Food & Beverage1478163049
35http://www.marketmanila.com/Business & Finance1785166841
36http://www.yummy.com.ph/Food & Beverage1114172607
38http://www.pinoybisnes.com/Business & Finance2475188512
40http://www.earthlingorgeous.com/Sports &  Health874193337
42http://www.earthlingorgeous.com/Fashion & Beauty966200313
45http://businesstips.ph/ Business & Finance1431223180
46http://www.datelinemovies.com/Celebrities & Entertainment1919231166
47http://businessdiary.com.ph/Business & Finance2083232173
48http://www.tennisguru.net/Sports &  HealthNo Data237472
49http://www.lakwatsero.com/Travel & Leisure2191242301
50http://www.thedigitalspy.com/News & Media4206244772
51http://www.manilashopper.com/Fashion & Beauty2366253995
52http://www.lhyziebongon.com/Fashion & Beauty2634255388
54http://normannorman.com/Celebrities & Entertainment2676256595
55http://www.takbo.ph/Sports &  Health2362257052
56http://www.manilaonsale.com/Fashion & Beauty2744259637
57http://www.senyorita.net/Travel & Leisure2027261421
59http://www.projectvanity.com/Fashion & Beauty2910295186
61http://www.kusinamaster.asia/Food & Beverage5514299525
62http://www.kryzuy.com/Fashion & Beauty5476299691
63http://rodmagaru.com/ Celebrities & Entertainment3118299851
64http://www.kikaysikat.com/Fashion & Beauty2549299985
66http://www.baratako.com/Food & Beverage1470308718
68http://itscamilleco.com/Fashion & Beauty7971322919
69http://www.thenewsbite.com/News & Media4632332953
70http://www.philippinebeaches.org/Travel & Leisure6779339119
71http://www.rochellerivera.com/p/food.htmlFood & Beverage3700350088
72http://firsttimetravels.com/ – NEWTravel & Leisure3076352415
73http://www.pinoymtbiker.org/Travel & Leisure4806359955
75http://www.angsarap.net/Food & BeverageNo PH Data368374
77http://www.ph-commute.com/Travel & Leisure4883382315
79http://www.powcast.net/Sports &  Health2340411532
80http://said-fred.blogspot.com/Celebrities & Entertainment6009424241
81http://www.askmewhats.com/Fashion & Beauty4201428520
83http://pageone.ph/ News & Media2360450452
84http://www.travelingmorion.com/ – NEWTravel & Leisure5899460927
85http://animeblogger.net/Sports &  HealthNo PH Data466820
86http://www.mykiru.ph/Celebrities & Entertainment7944469454
87http://www.showbiznest.com/Celebrities & Entertainment3957482933
88http://thefanboyseo.com/Celebrities & Entertainment4642487637
89http://hapeepinay.blogspot.com/Celebrities & Entertainment3568493092
90http://www.joeiandme.com/Food & Beverage7983508793
91http://www.backpackingphilippines.com/Travel & Leisure6829519897
92http://www.thepickiesteater.net/Food & Beverage7403558161
93http://www.orangemagazine.ph News & Media5815568505
94http://www.melvinblog.com/Business & Finance3416569642
95http://franchisemanila.com/Business & Finance5620633299
96http://www.digitalfilipina.com/News & Media6265739398
97http://www.philippineedition.com/News & MediaNo PH Data747988
98http://www.filentrep.com/Business & Finance15965775491
99http://tycoon.ph/Business & Finance10665788053
100http://www.kabuddy.com/News & MediaNo PH Data799411

July 2015 – Celebrities and Entertainment News

The top 20 blogs for your daily celebrity and entertainment scoops were ranked for the past thirty one days. Their regular update may it be about the latest gossip, fashion statement, paparazzi shots, rumours, confessions, split up and new love flooded our social media feed. That is the reason why it is no longer a surprise if we see them being recognized as a top blog by worth for the month of july. The ranking is determined by a comprehensive method of tabulation. We look in to how each site performed in respect to media score, the online hits they get, even their bookmark score!

In this month’s ranking, Starmometer.com is now ranked at number 2 from being third last month while fashionpulis.com consistently performed well for the past 31 days and thus, was successful in defending its ranking as the top entertainment and celebrity related blog in the Philippines. Few blogs also scored higher than last month; they are showbiznest.com, now ranked 9 from being ranked 12 last month, happypinay.blogspot.com, now ranked 11th from being ranked 13th, boy-kuripot.com which climbed 2 spots higher and now ranked as top 12, and few other improvements which you may notice in the ranking below. For those who ranked lower this month, don’t forget that tomorrow is a new day and the scoring for the next ranking begins.

Check the ranking here:

1http://www.fashionpulis.com/Celebrities & Entertainment19139,066
2http://www.starmometer.com/Celebrities & Entertainment682117,484
3http://www.lionheartv.net/Celebrities & Entertainment2,665141,518
4http://www.datelinemovies.com/Celebrities & Entertainment1,919231,166
5http://normannorman.com/Celebrities & Entertainment2,676256,595
6http://rodmagaru.com/Celebrities & Entertainment3,118299,851
7http://said-fred.blogspot.com/Celebrities & Entertainment6,009424,241
8http://www.mykiru.ph/Celebrities & Entertainment7,944469,454
9http://www.showbiznest.com/Celebrities & Entertainment3,957482,933
10http://thefanboyseo.com/Celebrities & Entertainment4,642487,637
11http://hapeepinay.blogspot.com/Celebrities & Entertainment3,568493,092
12http://www.boy-kuripot.comCelebrities & Entertainment5,562551,384
13http://starringoftheday.blogspot.com/Celebrities & Entertainment5,218611,123
14http://whynotcoconut.com/Celebrities & EntertainmentNo PH Data641,657
15http://www.wazzup.ph/Celebrities & Entertainment3,115641,987
16http://www.kakulayscoop.blogspot.com/Celebrities & Entertainment4,122719,013
17http://midnightstars.org/Celebrities & EntertainmentNo PH Data801,010
18http://www.my-juicy.net/Celebrities & Entertainment21,1521,695,922
19http://vintersections.com- NEWCelebrities & EntertainmentNo PH Data2,168,260
20http://discreetmagazine.blogspot.com/Celebrities & EntertainmentNo PH Data2,366,423

July 2015 – Business and Finance

The Finance blogs who provide us comprehensive and easy to digest discussion of the financial trends, issues, and news that are happening in the local and global financial milieu were ranked based on the internet hits they got for the past thirty one days. This ranking is an indication of the great number of followers and readers they have every day and also serves as a proof that they provide credible and reliable financial related contents.

We observed few changes in the ranking; Last month’s top 1 finance blog is down to the 2nd spot; pinoymoneytalk is superseded by foreclosurephilippines.com. Based on the new ranking, it is also notable that there are a number of sites who climbed higher in the ranking as compared to their previous standing. They are fitzvillafuerte.com, melvinblog.com, filentrep.com, mixph.com, mutualfund Philippines.com and a new blog who made it in the month of July, jhojovillas.com! The blogmeter team congratulates the following bogs who are the best finance blogs by worth for the month of July:

1http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com/Business & Finance617109,117
2http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/Business & Finance832117,856
3http://fitzvillafuerte.com/Business & Finance1267161,206
4http://www.marketmanila.com/Business & Finance1785166,841
5http://www.pinoybisnes.com/Business & Finance2475188,512
6http://businesstips.ph/Business & Finance1431223,180
7http://businessdiary.com.ph/Business & Finance2083232,173
8http://www.melvinblog.com/Business & Finance3,416569,642
9http://franchisemanila.com/Business & Finance5,620633,299
10http://www.filentrep.com/Business & Finance15,965775,491
11http://tycoon.ph/Business & Finance10665788,053
12http://www.mixph.com/Business & Finance8,147821,417
13http://mukhangpera.com/Business & FinanceNo PH Data830,837
14http://www.millionaireacts.com/Business & Finance11,8601,022,372
15http://www.garfsblog.uso99.com/Business & FinanceNo PH Data1,196,011
16http://www.pinoyfinancialplanning.com/Business & Finance17,1911,563,587
17http://mutualfundphilippines.com/Business & FinanceNo PH Data1,993,906
18http://selfemploymentoptions.ph/Business & FinanceNo PH Data2,089,168
19http://www.pesonijuan.blogspot.com/Business & FinanceNo PH Data2,512,243
20http://www.jhojovillas.com/Business & FinanceNo PH Data3,012,504