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November 2015 – Technology

In today’s age of online networking, there are many individuals who enter the universe of blogging. In the past, blog sites are just limited to online diary and journals of day by day happenings that are shared by authors among their circle. Blogging today has transformed past the individual circle to now shaping the World Wide Web.

With the improvement of online media, innovation and the increment of access to the web, tech world embraced the methods for the blogosphere. Thus, a ton of tech essayists now use site to trade data with regards to the most recent updates in gadgets, apps, programs, softwares and the like.  Some of these websites don’t just examine the specs of one device, they additionally go to the extent of contrasting it with different rivals in the industry. They also furnish readers information as to how to fix their small tech problems and maximize the use of their techs.

The advantages of reading tech blogs are boundless. Here are some of the best tech blogs for the month of November:


November 2015 – Business and Finance

We know it is quite stressful to go on different finance blogs just to find the right one. Fret not for we in the Blogmeter team made the perfect ranking for you.

We’ve determined the best performing 20 finance themed blog sites for the month of November that offered the most useful financial advice, best insight into the state of the economy or were just extremely fun. The incredible service they give along with the huge traffic they get on the World Wide Web have been consistent for the past couple of days so it does not come  as a surprise that they have consistently made it to the rank. The placement in Blogmeter is an evidence of the great work they have done in simplifying financial issues and approaches which helped thousands of readers all across the world. Finance blogs are jam-packed with advice on how you can live your life more cheaply and intelligently. Their contents range from the current financial news to useful tips in how to go around budgeting your cash.

So which Finance blogs should you be reading on a regular basis? Blogmeter has laid out the top 20 financial bloggers in the Philippines. The top 20 blogs were determined using a website media metrics. For the latest rankings, here it goes:

1http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/Business & Finance106,726795
2http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com/Business & Finance145,860985
3http://www.melvinblog.comBusiness & Finance294,1541,923
4http://fitzvillafuerte.com/Business & Finance163,7392,296
5http://businessdiary.com.ph/Business & Finance242,4302,489
6http://www.trulyrichclubblog.com/Business & Finance429,9593,270
7http://businesstips.ph/Business & Finance237,5323,437
8http://www.pinoybisnes.comBusiness & Finance202,8793,939
9http://tycoon.phBusiness & Finance393,1195,929
10http://www.thewiseliving.com/Business & Finance1,209,68610,618
11http://www.filentrep.com/Business & Finance671,40015,707

November 2015 – Fashion and Beauty

Thank God a lot of Beauty aficionados are now creating their own blogs to help women, and gentlemen to be the most beautiful versions of their selves. Beauty is not only for the eyes. Studies prove that the way we present our self and our appearance play a great role in our confidence and how people deal with us. That’s why it is not a sin to be concerned about our look especially in the present time where rigorously curated blogs are already available.

Personal fashion or beauty bloggers, over the past decade, became a strong influence to thousands of people when it comes to their own fashion styles. They’re the legit authority in providing the most recent ins and outs of styling, color matching, beauty tips, do’s and don’ts and other unspoken fashion rules.  Many people seek for their advice or input whenever they purchase the best make-up product, shade of lipstick, the perfect fit and cut for a dress, and many more! Fashion blogs have been our consistent heroes in all the fashion dilemmas we have faced.

To continue our monthly tradition, we present to you the most influential and famous personal beauty blogs within the Philippines:

1http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty92,188941
2http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty129,267954
3http://animetric.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty175,9911,228
4http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty156,3241,622
5http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty154,5351,978
6http://www.manilashopper.com/Fashion & Beauty261,5282,317
7http://www.kikaysikat.comFashion & Beauty365,8893,184
8http://www.kryzuy.comFashion & Beauty290,0443,257
9http://www.manilaonsale.comFashion & Beauty333,6464,060
10http://www.projectvanity.comFashion & Beauty318,3054,885
11http://www.breakmystyle.comFashion & Beauty546,7095,137
12http://ladymotherhoodjourney.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty1,506,2045,786
13http://itscamilleco.comFashion & Beauty302,8196,023
14http://www.lhyziebongon.comFashion & Beauty294,0757,301
15http://www.mylucidintervals.comFashion & Beauty568,5157,565
16http://www.shensaddiction.com/Fashion & Beauty664,8018,285
17http://www.askmewhats.com/Fashion & Beauty559,3228,677
18http://www.emoteragoddess.comFashion & Beauty508,7068,953
19http://www.themistymom.comFashion & Beauty548,70510,596
20http://www.vernverniece.comFashion & Beauty924,00017,949

November 2015 – Celebrities and Entertainment

This month, we are cheerful to present to you the main 20 best online journals by worth under the classification of Celebrity news and Entertainment which we have determined taking into account reliable elements, for example, web hits, social networking and bookmark scores. These variables are significantly influenced by the sort of news and excitement they give that just means that if a website makes it to the blogmeter rank, it is without a doubt a genuine authority in the blog community.

The top 20 entertainment blogs regularly write the most recent showbiz news surrounding the biggest local and international stars. They also provide a platform where fans all around the country discuss, post remarks or make inquiries and even meet and bond with other fans who share the same interest with them. These blogs allow fans to feel that they are part of the life of their celebrity idols.

The following are the best Entetainment sites by worth during the month of November. They made it to the rundown because they got the most noteworthy number of recorded visits for the past thirty days as determined by a credible website media metric system. The top 20 are as follows:

1http://www.fashionpulis.com/Celebrities & Entertainment27,756142
2http://www.lionheartv.net/Celebrities & Entertainment81,500515
3http://www.starmometer.com/Celebrities & Entertainment107,134893
4http://normannorman.com/Celebrities & Entertainment197,0781,656
5http://www.dlist.phCelebrities & Entertainment377,1052,418
6http://rodmagaru.com/Celebrities & Entertainment529,5572,775
7http://www.wazzup.ph/Celebrities & Entertainment292,9324,291
8http://www.datelinemovies.comCelebrities & Entertainment303,1964,810
9http://enjoyingwonderfulworld.blogspot.com/Celebrities & Entertainment331,8805,305
10http://www.boy-kuripot.comCelebrities & Entertainment870,4576,446
11http://said-fred.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment509,9078,102
12http://www.showbiznest.comCelebrities & Entertainment387,3888,164
13http://starringoftheday.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment558,53711,457
14http://thefanboyseo.com/Celebrities & Entertainment562,65211,772
15http://www.kakulayscoop.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment1,335,42518,993
16http://hapeepinay.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment449,83720,596

November 2015 – Sports and Health

Games and Recreation blogs are gradually turning into an incredible power in the online community. A large number of those sites began as straightforward individualistic or opinionated sites yet for the past years, their numbers have increased and along with it, their contents as well. At present, they are our source of reel time updates from our loved sports team, news from our favourite tournaments and sometimes news about the lives of our sports super stars. Their news, insights, commentaries and the like have made thousands of sport enthusiasts fall in love. Hence, it is just right for us in Blogmeter to come up with ranking for this category.

The best Sports and Health sites depends on reliable criteria that we record for as far back as 30 days. These are some of the factors in identifying the best 20 online sports blog: internet traffic, social media score and shares. These factors, along with their Alexa PH data, have been the basis of the team in coming up with the list.

The following are the top 20 Sports and Leisure Blogs in the Philippines:

1http://www.motorcyclephilippines.comSports &  Health141,858963
2http://www.teampilipinas.infoSports &  Health89,3651,157
3http://www.projectmarie.comSports &  Health134,5181,350
4http://www.powcast.netSports &  Health231,9462,077
5http://www.pinoymountaineer.comSports &  Health399,1142,791
6http://www.takbo.ph/Sports &  Health219,9563,222
7http://www.r0ckstarm0mma.com/Sports &  Health816,83416,468
8http://www.urbantribe.phSports &  Health1,629,42118,127

November 2015 – Travel and Leisure

Promo on fare cost, discounts on travel tour, the must see vacation spots, and a many more, are now accessible online! You should do nothing more than to visit the main 20 widely accessed travel and leisure blogs by worth for the month of November! The blogs who made in the list will be there to assist you in planning your next sweet escape!

The top 20 travel weblogs are identified in light of their recorded internet traffic from day by day visits by online users as well as the social media share they scored for the past thirty days. The ranking shows you not only the fact that they are famous under the travel and leisure category, they are also the blogs that provide reliable and updated information that are indispensable for your travel plans!

We guarantee you that the positioning of these best travel and relaxation blogs are worth your time! You should do nothing more than visiting them and check their contents. To know more about the best travel blogs by worth, visit them here:

1http://www.thehappytrip.comTravel & Leisure56,647533
2http://www.thepoortraveler.netTravel & Leisure94,806700
3http://cebufinest.comTravel & Leisure155,397869
4http://www.pinoyadventurista.comTravel & Leisure127,2631,138
5http://outoftownblog.comTravel & Leisure134,5811,081
6http://firsttimetravels.comTravel & Leisure321,0774,788
7http://www.freedomwall.netTravel & Leisure195,906721
8http://www.pinoytravelblog.comTravel & Leisure380,1984,752
9http://www.lakwatsero.com/Travel & Leisure300,4822,520
10http://www.guiltlessgetaways.blogspot.comTravel & Leisure543,3256,669
11http://www.senyorita.netTravel & Leisure260,6562,198
12http://www.backpackingphilippines.comTravel & Leisure564,4663,721
13http://pinasmuna.comTravel & Leisure831,37810,192
14http://travelingmorion.comTravel & Leisure608,3794,779
15http://www.ironwulf.net/Travel & Leisure586,7694,737
16http://www.lakadpilipinas.comTravel & Leisure679,9826,707
17http://www.lakwatseradeprimera.comTravel & Leisure1,028,41315,637
18http://www.mynomadichabits.comTravel & Leisure1,311,54811,687
19http://www.chasingphilippines.comTravel & Leisure960,35311,857
20http://www.driftstories.comTravel & Leisure1,177,5204,554

November 2015 – Food and Beverage

At long last, it is the time of the month where we announce the recent rundown of the best websites per theme or category. Below, you will see the top blog sites in the Philippines under the category Food and Beverages. The sites that qualified under this class give different contents may it be the must-attempt recipes for that tasteful desert you have been craving or just simply locating and finding the fine eateries in the Philippines or in places near you. Whatever your desire or motivations are, the Food and Beverage blogs won’t disappoint you. Looking in to their site would be an assured pleasure to you. You have been warned that you’ll end up craving or hungry after visiting them.

We have done this ranking for a few months now and the individuals who made in the rank are unquestionably the best as per readership and quality contents. There are simple reasons why these blogs make it to the rank, few of which are the following:  quality content and user friendly blog designs or lay-outs.

Well, we won’t hold you for so long, for the best 20 food themed blogs of the Philippines for the Month of November are found below. Keep in mind to share their webpage and never forget that your visits to these online journals don’t go unnoticed and they are being tallied by our hardworking team!

1http://www.thepeachkitchen.comFood & Beverage48,117492
2http://www.pinoyrecipe.netFood & Beverage59,320529
3http://www.ourawesomeplanet.comFood & Beverage86,514667
4http://www.baratako.com/Food & Beverage182,0071,494
5http://www.pepper.phFood & Beverage204,1951,659
6http://www.marketmanila.comFood & Beverage213,5711,854
7http://www.thefoodscout.netFood & Beverage317,2962,453
8http://www.theblueink.comFood & Beverage537,4203,617
9www.rochellerivera.com/p/food.htmlFood & Beverage403,6643,943
10http://www.thebaginvestigator.com/Food & Beverage516,0484,661
11http://www.thefatkidinside.com/Food & Beverage494,9285,103
12http://www.louisechelleblog.comFood & Beverage197,8575,678
13http://www.certifiedfoodies.comFood & Beverage728,3415,924
14http://geekykitch.comFood & Beverage474,9877,942
15http://www.yummy.com.ph/Food & Beverage353,9757,986
16http://www.mymomfriday.comFood & Beverage1,166,9678,234
17http://bakedhoven.comFood & Beverage1,182,4178,866
18http://www.thepickiesteater.net/Food & Beverage758,68310,300
19http://www.ambosmundosfamilyfoodblog.comFood & Beverage657,14610,390
20http://www.joeiandme.comFood & Beverage875,09314,638

November 2015 – Top 100

Before the month ends, it has been a tradition for Blogmeter team to release the latest ranking of the top performing blogs in the Philippines. These reliable and credible ranking is determined by a lot of factors such as the daily internet traffic they received for the past thirty days as well as the amount of shares they got from their readers. Though not part of the basis of our ranking, we have noticed that those blogs who made in the Blogmeter top 100 share the same characteristics like being intelligently written, outlined and designed.

Above all, one major change we have reported months ago is the consideration of Alexa Ph information in our measurement of the top blogs. Therefore, those blogs which don’t have any Alexa Ph information would not be incorporated into the list. Alexa PH, is from the company Alexa which was established in 1996. They are pioneer in the realm of systematic data gathering and analysis. According to their official website, “The rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines a site’s estimated average of daily unique visitors and its estimated number of pageviews.”

So now we stop with the chase and let’s jump to the ranking of the best blogs by worth for the Month of November. The sites which made to the top blogs by worth come from different classifications or categories, for example,  news, beauty, sports, travel, food and the like. For the past 30 days, they have produced fun and useful contents and for that great effort, we acknowledge the great things they do for our online community! We send our congratulations to the best Pinoy 100 blogs and we hope to see you again in the next ranking!

Go on check them below and tell us what you think:

2http://www.fashionpulis.com/Celebrities & Entertainment27,756142
4http://pageone.phNews & Media42,503230
6http://www.thepeachkitchen.comFood & Beverage48,117492
7http://www.lionheartv.net/Celebrities & Entertainment81,500515
8http://www.pinoyrecipe.netFood & Beverage59,320529
9http://www.thehappytrip.comTravel & Leisure56,647533
10http://www.ourawesomeplanet.comFood & Beverage86,514667
11http://www.thepoortraveler.netTravel & Leisure94,806700
12http://www.freedomwall.netTravel & Leisure195,906721
14http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/Business & Finance106,726795
15http://cebufinest.comTravel & Leisure155,397869
16http://www.starmometer.com/Celebrities & Entertainment107,134893
17http://www.thesummitexpress.comNews & Media131,941902
18http://www.kathrivera.comFashion & Beauty92,188941
20http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty129,267954
21http://www.motorcyclephilippines.comSports &  Health141,858963
23http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com/Business & Finance145,860985
25http://www.coolbuster.net/News & Media122,4371071
26http://outoftownblog.comTravel & Leisure134,5811,081
27http://www.pinoyadventurista.comTravel & Leisure127,2631,138
28http://www.teampilipinas.infoSports &  Health89,3651,157
29http://animetric.blogspot.comFashion & Beauty175,9911,228
30http://www.projectmarie.comSports &  Health134,5181,350
32http://www.baratako.com/Food & Beverage182,0071,494
34http://www.goddessindisguise.comFashion & Beauty156,3241,622
35http://normannorman.com/Celebrities & Entertainment197,0781,656
36http://www.pepper.phFood & Beverage204,1951,659
37http://www.thedailypedia.com/News & Media145,1941,698
39http://www.marketmanila.comFood & Beverage213,5711,854
42http://www.melvinblog.comBusiness & Finance294,1541,923
43http://www.earthlingorgeous.comFashion & Beauty154,5351,978
46http://www.powcast.netSports &  Health231,9462,077
47http://www.senyorita.netTravel & Leisure260,6562,198
49http://fitzvillafuerte.com/Business & Finance163,7392,296
51http://www.manilashopper.com/Fashion & Beauty261,5282,317
54http://www.dlist.phCelebrities & Entertainment377,1052,418
55http://www.thefoodscout.netFood & Beverage317,2962,453
57http://businessdiary.com.ph/Business & Finance242,4302,489
58http://www.lakwatsero.com/Travel & Leisure300,4822,520
60http://rodmagaru.com/Celebrities & Entertainment529,5572,775
61http://www.pinoymountaineer.comSports &  Health399,1142,791
62http://www.thenewsbite.comNews & Media231,8782,942
64http://www.kikaysikat.comFashion & Beauty365,8893,184
67http://www.takbo.ph/Sports &  Health219,9563,222
68http://localpulse.netNews & Media168,7153,247
69http://www.kryzuy.comFashion & Beauty290,0443,257
70http://www.trulyrichclubblog.com/Business & Finance429,9593,270
71http://businesstips.ph/Business & Finance237,5323,437
73http://www.theblueink.comFood & Beverage537,4203,617
74http://www.pinoybisnes.comBusiness & Finance202,8793,939
75www.rochellerivera.com/p/food.htmlFood & Beverage403,6643,943
78http://www.manilaonsale.comFashion & Beauty333,6464,060
79http://www.wazzup.ph/Celebrities & Entertainment292,9324,291
80http://www.trendingdaily.infoNews & Media457,5684,447
81http://manilaconcertjunkies.blogspot.comNews & Media474,2424,497
82http://www.thebaginvestigator.com/Food & Beverage516,0484,661
83http://www.pinoytravelblog.comTravel & Leisure380,1984,752
84http://firsttimetravels.comTravel & Leisure321,0774,788
85http://www.datelinemovies.comCelebrities & Entertainment303,1964,810
86http://www.projectvanity.comFashion & Beauty318,3054,885
87http://www.thedigitalspy.com/News & Media303,1515,034
88http://www.thefatkidinside.com/Food & Beverage494,9285,103
89http://www.breakmystyle.comFashion & Beauty546,7095,137
90http://enjoyingwonderfulworld.blogspot.com/Celebrities & Entertainment331,8805,305
91http://www.xolxol.phNews & Media169,4395,911
92http://tycoon.phBusiness & Finance393,1195,929
93http://www.boy-kuripot.comCelebrities & Entertainment870,4576,446
94http://www.guiltlessgetaways.blogspot.comTravel & Leisure543,3256,669
95http://inewmedia.orgNews & Media365,6376,935
96http://said-fred.blogspot.comCelebrities & Entertainment509,9078,102
97http://www.thewiseliving.com/Business & Finance1,209,68610,618
98http://www.filentrep.com/Business & Finance671,40015,707
99http://www.r0ckstarm0mma.com/Sports &  Health816,83416,468
100http://www.urbantribe.phSports &  Health1,629,42118,127

November 2015 – News and Media

In spite of being autonomously managed and published, the top News blog the month of November figured out how to increase a large number of support and backing from online readers and users. They may not be the biggest news firm in the country, but it is undeniable that in the age of the social media, these top news blogs are the rising authority in online news and current issues. Hence, we ranked them based on their reach in the World Wide Web.

The Blogmeter team look into stable criteria, for example, the online shares a website or a post creates, and the numbers of visits they get for the past 30 days. The data a blog received are merged and compared to other sites under the same class; this is the manner by which we determine the best 20 online blogs by worth in the Philippines.

The blogs who made to the main ranking of the 20 best News blogs by worth are the best news provider there is in the whole Philippine blogosphere. They received the most astounding recorded web visits for the past 30 days. They are as follows:

1http://pageone.phNews & Media42,503230
2http://www.thesummitexpress.comNews & Media131,941902
3http://www.coolbuster.net/News & Media122,4371071
4http://www.thedailypedia.com/News & Media145,1941,698
5http://www.thenewsbite.comNews & Media231,8782,942
6http://localpulse.netNews & Media168,7153,247
7http://www.trendingdaily.infoNews & Media457,5684,447
8http://manilaconcertjunkies.blogspot.comNews & Media474,2424,497
9http://www.thedigitalspy.com/News & Media303,1515,034
10http://www.xolxol.phNews & Media169,4395,911
11http://inewmedia.orgNews & Media365,6376,935
12http://rachfeed.comNews & Media288,9737,482
13http://launchverbatim.weebly.comNews & Media670,6128,902
14http://www.orangemagazine.phNews & Media669,5949,595
15http://www.digitalfilipina.comNews & Media801,4729,950
16http://www.ednything.com/News & Media664,40212,185

November 2015 – Personal

Personal blogs are known for their genuineness and realism. Individual bloggers offer stories, assessment, tales and daily commendable and fascinating encounters which captivate readers. A large number of online readers are presently hooked to this sort of website. They religiously visit these web journals for new stories, discussion, and author’s opinion or simply because they identify with what the bloggers feel and experience. Personal bloggers usually publish anything under the sun relating to their beliefs, expertise, inspiration, entertainment, learning and anything they felt that needed sharing.

The list of the 20 best individual weblogs by worth for the month of November below are the latest ranking for personal blogs which received an overwhelming number of support and visit form their avid readers. These daily traffic were consolidated for the past thirty days.